• Try the Park Avenue Diet- very sound advice. Its not just a diet - its a way of life!
  • I think learing English should be higher on your list of priorities.
  • Eat BALANCED meals. You need food from all the food groups. If you don't get proper nutrition, you body develops cravings. Then you're in trouble. If you eat plenty of GOOD foods, you will not be hungry and will not crave other foods which aren't good for you in quantities or exclusively. Eat plenty of baked fish, baked chicken, lean meats with no sauces, lots of veggies and fruits, and some carbs like breads and rolls. Still hungery? Get another helping of veggies and fruits, maybe some more fish and baked chicken on the side. BUT NOT HEAPING HELPINGS OF HIGH CALORIC FOODS! Make your first plate a healthy nutritional balance, with everything you need. If you're still too hungry afterwards, have seconds of the really good stuff. EXERCISE. All the dieting in the world doesn't do you any good without exercise. Get off your duff and MOVE. WALK or RIDE a bike to the grocery store. Walk to your friends' house. Do physical labor like yardwork, woodworking, gardening, car maintenance, plumbing, SOMETHING. While exercising/working, you don't feel hungry. Afterwards, when you unwind, your body thinks about hunger. DON'T starve yourself. No reason to. Hungry between meals? Eat balanced snacks. Giving your body what it NEEDS will satisfy hunger. Fruit, veggies, baked fish... REWARD yourself. It's OK to have sweets and desert. In moderation and only as part of a balanced meal. Did I mention EXERCISE? I'll do it again. Get off your butt. Live a healthier lifestyle and you'll get there. For those who say "but he/she/I've got a glandular problem: Bull. Weight management is simple math with calories. If the "goes in" is more than the "goes out", then you gain weight. The opposite also applies. Those who really have "glandular" problems (and they are real, don't mistake me for saying otherwise), this still applies. Your body just may store fats more efficiently than others and you may have other health issues that make dieting more difficult than normal, but I guarantee that if your caloric intake is less than your caloric output, you will loose weight. Get with your doctor and quit making excuses. Follow this and weight will come off as fast as with any program you would spend good money for, like Jenny Craig. Heck, if it'll make you feel better I'll write this down and you can send ME money! Otherwise, save your money to spend on yourself after you loose weight. You deserve it. Best wishes.
  • Skipping, Slow jogging All with heavy/warm clothes on... *Sweat out the bad and keep drinking water to replace the bad with the good. If you understand what i mean!
  • Diet and exercise...amazing how some people think that they are eating healthy when they are actually eating foods w/ an ungodly amount of sodium. Where does this excess sodium go? (answer. stomach)

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