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  • Who says there is something wrong with you? Do you have any symptoms or are they just playing nasty? Point 'em out - we'll go get 'em together....
  • What's right with you?
  • its mainly that jittery walk, but the long rain-coat and lack of underwear dont help.
  • same thing that's wrong with everyone, only more so
    • Evil Penguin
      Aw. Purplecows, do ask "what's right with me" instead, and make a point of answering that question fully and right. Get out paper and pen (or a word doc, whatever you got). 2 - Now you have that list, see it daily, AM and PM 3) Then identify your goals and strategize how to get them achieved. And read THAT AM and PM 4) and so on... There is nothing wrong with you that a little encouragement can't fix, but many of us have to give ourselves our own encouragement, so I recommend it. And if you have to, take a daily walk each day and the whole time youre walking keep saying positive statements you want to beleive, in your mind. In fact, pick three positive statements to repeat over and over, the whole (30 minute? ) walk, every day. This is a POWERFUL method of self change. People pay good money just for that little tip that can do so much to make your life a great thing. So..pick three statements. Pick them well. They dont have to be true, it's enough to pick statements you WANT to be true (like "I am lucky" "Good things always happen to me" I am thin" -- for examples.
    • we are dough
      You talk too much.

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