• I looked through my family tree and found that about 200 years back my surname had been passed on by a lady marrying one of my forefathers, so it was the other way round then.
  • No, I think it's still the norm here in Hawaii.
  • I don't think so. It is a blending of families but I feel that our whole society goes by male lineage and see no reason to change. I honor my husband and am proud to carry his name. And I'm really glad to get rid of my very difficult to pronounce and spell last name LOL!!!!
  • not at all. I think it makes a new family I would love to have the same last name as my children. Its like a TEAM! one name for one team
  • I don't think it's outdated, just antiquated. Instead of honoring that tradition I hyphenated my name, like so: Phillis Nix-Moreno. My youngest daughter's name is Leah Isabella Nix-Moreno, even on her birth certificate.
  • Maybe for some. If (and that is a GIGANTIC if) I get married again the only reason I would not take my new husbands name is because I have children with my ex husband. We all share the same name and I will not be changing that until they are grown. I would have no problem with my husband taking my name as I will not be giving him children anyway. His name will not be passed along with my genes. I my hyphenate mine, though.
  • no i don't think so personally, but i don't think i would take my husband's name just because the women in my family always hyphenated their last name (so i have 2 last names already). my children of course would have their father's name.
  • Maybe it is, a lot of women today are high flying career people and it can greatly damage a woman's reputation if she marries and changes her name, a lot of her reputation is tied to her name; also, with the high divorce rate that we have today and assuming that children from a divorced family generally live with the mother it would certainly be less confusing when/if she re-marries rather than changing the childrens' names each time or with her name different from theirs....just putting it out there!
  • I don't think so.
  • Never outdated.
  • i dont think so at all, im gonna take my s/o's name but im gonna keep my last name too because my dad only had my sister and i so since he didnt have any boys my sister and i are gonna hyphen our names
  • No I don't think so! It's fun.
  • Not at all. My wife and I got married at the end of May and we took each others names. We now have her previous surname as a middle name and my previous surname as out family name.
  • Actually, in Italy, women retain their maiden name even after marriage. This is the law. If her husband's name is Black and her name is White, people will call her Mrs. White even if she married to Mr. Black. In Italy, all Italian houses have 2 names on their mailboxes. Just thought I's add a bit of cultural trivia...
  • she took mine may 23 :)
  • Still pretty much the norm, but at least it is by choice, now. I have changed my last name three times. It looks like this time it has stuck (33 years).
  • No...still rules ! I like the thought and I sure would :) !
  • No...and I believe that refusing to take it is very disrespectful to the guy.
  • nope...when i get married i'm taking my husbands last name as my own
  • not at all! still the norm for sure!
  • No, but in small circles not in fashion.
  • It's fine. 50% will end up giving it back anyway...
  • Not at all. I couldn't wait to get my new last name! To me, it showed committment to my new family that we made when we got married and became one. I am so excited to be a Mrs. For some reason, this question I feel really strongly about. Good job!

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