• Anytime my daughter isn't in my sight I have alittle twinge of worry, no matter where she is or who she is with. The world holds sooooooo many dangers. I placed my 2 girls in the palm of a much bigger hand a-long time ago. So when I start to worry I think of that safe place and trust the foundation they were raised on to see them through any situation!:):)
  • They used to when we first moved here, they had to take two buses, and yes i worried so much that i fought like hell to get them in a school closer, now its walking distance.
  • My son gets a school bus (a mini van actually) to school every day and I don't worry because I know the driver will always take good care of him.
  • My son use to ride the bus but now we live in the back yard of the school so we don't have to worry i can watch him just walk into the school.
  • I always worry even if my daughters are not in my sight aroud the house. A 3 year old can get into a great deal of trouble in a hurry. School buses in my area are extremely well watched over, moreso than in most areas I've ever seen. It's because there is a great deal of power and influence in my area (though I have neither one) so I reap the benefit of that.

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