• Golfs are good or seat Ibiza anything with a vauls wagon engine.. :)
  • For a teenager, basically anything that runs. Something that will get you to school, work and home.
  • Chevys, Toyotas or motorcycles. Whatever is cheap to buy, and cheap to repair. Preferably, easy on gas, too.
  • My first car was a 8 year old Pontiac Bonneville. It got about 10 mpg. You could probably get the best deal on a gas guzzler now. It might use a lot of gas, but makes up for it in the lack of maintenance required. I really liked my 1962 supercar, it would really move.
  • Something a teenager can roll at 80mph, and not die in.
  • For a teenager I would like to see something that looks like a sports car but has a govner on it so it can't go over 55 & preferably something with lots of protection nothing to small but nothing to big either. As you can tell I'm not comfy with the thoughts of my only child getting his drivers lic. But my dad put a govner on my car I just didn't know it at the time. He was looking out for my best interest & he who was once a heavy on the hoof street racer knows the temptations of being a first time driver with that much power in your hands.

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