• Omg yes!!!!! Being a mother involves numerous jobs in one, and you never get to go home.
  • Yes, they fit the bill: Most of them seem to have: - Extra sensory perception: "There's something wrong, with you, want to talk about it?" - Super patience - X-ray vision: "I know what you're doing in there!" - Multi-tasking super abilities and speed. - Extra strenght for loving and caring. etc.
  • yes,to conceve a child ect,amazing.
  • Some may well be. I'm not and my mom wasn't and her mom wasn't. I can only go by my experience in my own life. But I don't doubt that there are superhero moms out and about doing heroic things! :)
  • It's sad that superheroes dominate out thoughts when super heroines are the reason WHY we are here...
  • Yes, because they are always willing to put more than 110 percent in all that they do. They are amazing how they can multi-task and have all the "powers" that Barcaluv 67 named ;)
  • I think SOME mothers deserve a medal, while others deserve the metal of a boot in their backside.
  • Since I am a Mom I guess I might be a little biased here but YES, YES, YES. Mom's are superhero's! They are also Angels, Goddesses, healers, therapists, survivors, dictators, poets, teachers, ....the list goes on. The dad may be the head of the household but the Mom is truly the glue, nails, wood, brick and foundation that holds that house together. :)
  • My mother is! I wonder how she has managed to raise two hard-headed kids on her own ;)
  • She's been there every step of the way for me. Truly my mom is one heck of a lady and there are few women that are as awesome as she is. She has put up with so much of my crap and nonsense yet still has stood solid by my side. She is an awesome person that I wholeheartedly love and am committed to. She was always there to the rescue and made everything alright. I love you mom, bless you.
  • Not ALL moms, no ... crack whores, for example are NOT ... but I most definitely agree that there are some Super Moms that give children what they need, especially WISDOM (the hardest gift to give, yet the one most needed).
  • Yes, I believe they are. They sacrifice a big portion of their life to raise their children and ask little in return. You are left, as her child, with no way to ever repay her for all she has done for you. But don't worry, she'll never ask you to.
  • Yep - See at least the top part (white) of .
  • Yes, I have met some, that are to me, like Wonder woman. They were always there for you when you needed someone to talk to, or a hug, they gave you great advice on facing the world, they always had your best interest at heart.

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