• "Good" is subjective. Certainly there is no shortage of things to see and do and the USD stretches further there than many other places. From historical sites to architectural wonders like the Taj Mahal, there is good reason why India is in the Top 10 of places people travel to.
  • it's a great place and i'm looking forward to find an opportunity to go.
  • not if you want a good cheeseburger -
  • maybe there would be this distinctive smell but i really thing t would be a good place to see tho... their culture is very rich and interesting. i even want to see taj mahal!
  • Yes, India is a good place to travel. It offers you almost all types of tourism. If you are Executive Traveler it assimilates you in that sense where you will experience the royal life style! If you are a budget traveler, you have to accommodate, as all facilities you can avail without exclusively. So, India is the best for both Executive Traveler and Budget traveler. For that you have to contact the local tour operator. They may guide you better. Best of Luck.
  • I've heard a lot of good things about India from my buddies who have been there. I tried looking for some sort of tour to India but got turned after seeing the cost in the following site. I'll try to include the place in my list of places to travel to.
  • After watching discovery and the travel channels, I would have to say yes. It appears to be a wonderful place to visit.
  • Yes, Its realy a fabulous place specialy for art, architecture and cultural Tour Programs. You can plan your travel to India and for this you need good travel agent like airawat tours,It has conducted tours and conferences for individuals, commercial and socio-cultural organisations, NGOs and educational institutions from countries including USA, UK, Japan, Germany, Australia, Belgium, and Holland. Airawat Tours recieved twice National Tourism Award 1996-97 and 1999-2000 for “Excellence in the Travel Industry” You can Visit Site:
  • Yes, there are some fascinating things to see there. I've only been to New Delhi, Agra and the Taj Mahal (, Fatehpur Sikri (, Bharatpur (, Ranthambore ( and Jaipur (, including Amber (,_India), but it was well worth it to see both the architecture and the wildlife. However, you need to be aware that traffic in the bigger cities is absolutely chaotic, the roads outside the cities are not the best in the world, and you also have to be prepared mentally and emotionally for the poverty (e.g. there were people sleeping under cardboard outside the hotel we were staying in in New Delhi). Also, begging is a way of life there.
  • yes amazing place u can explore snow caped mountains in north desert in wers rajasthan tropical forest in kerala back water in kerela cherrapunji (highest annual rainfall in the world) beautiful beaches of goa blue water white sand beaches in lakshdeep and andman nicobar island coral beaches in port blair historical and beautiful city delhi there is not such a prb of traffic , and if u travelling im exucative clas u can feel and u can enjoy the luxurious life style in palaces of rajasthan TAJ MAHAL <3 <3 <3 LOVE TEMPLE golden temple akhsardham in delhi fatehpur sikhri ajanta and ellora in mumbai and m.p bodhgaya a spiriyual place for buddism leh and ladhak a beautiful a beautiy awsome kashmir a paradise on earth varanasi a famous spot shimla one of the most populated hill city of the world through heritage railway line awarded by unesco huhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a lottttt more there are 28 state 7 ut and all have 100000000000000s of thing to see for futher detail call me here in ab for free assitance
  • Hi, India is most important tourist attraction for travelers. Agra , Goa , kerala, Rajasthan Is the best tourist place for india
  • Definitely, India is a very good place to travel. Most of the foreigners visit western and northern states of India. try visiting Eastern India.
  • .....hell ya ....start with Goa and work your way around
  • India is one rich piece of land. From History the dilapidated conditions are meager. And from current scenario, guess what, it's politics and corruption in this Nation that brings the people here to the brink of extinction. Beyond all the odds, the secret recipe of the civilizations that went by is well fostered. The nature in itself is a charm for one to be in. One just need to be a Nature Man... allz fine then... Good Tripin... try before you say a goodbye
  • Best place in world to see lots of never ending things
  • Too many people and lousy non Indian should ever attempt to drive there....I'm deadly serious on this. India is a madhouse of a country - and it has to be experienced to be understood....the people are great however - and some of their historic places are truly marvelous to behold. If you go - go with somebody who knows the place...or you will be taken to the cleaners and get totally lost.
  • definately,..becoz india is one the world no.7 in wonders of the world..!!
  • so i have heard
  • Depends, what you meant by good place to travel. I would say a great place to travel in case if you are looking for economic and resonable budget.

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