• If you are still getting some sound from the speakers its not them at fault. I would update your sound card drivers and make sure that there is no conflicts. make sure you have the lastest direct x also.
  • Hello, I had the same problem. Maybe it was because of the uninstall of the Acer Empowering utilities or the installation of software Audio-Video Codecs. My problem was solved after installing the latest audio driver from the Acer website. Select only the Audio-driver (Audio_Realtek..) in the Driver and Utilities dropdown menu..
  • I agree on both the above and two other suggestions/questions: Have you taken any caned air and blew though air vents on your laptop both sides and/or bottom depending on your laptop style? also are you running this laptop on a cool-mat to keep it cool while running for long periods of time? as heat is a laptops worse enemy, as it can cause many problems. They can found at staples, office depoe,Sam's club, even wal-mart or online at etc.

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