• this song imeans life is useless. the singing fetus in the video only backs this up. a teardrop will do nothing to put out a fire. read the lyrics with that in mind
  • the meaning of this mystical song is the following: the fetus is a metaphor for the human being in general. we are like beings not yet born. (but let's focus on the lyrics - a wider meaning is about to reveal) i'll quote one stanza after another to make things clearer. "Love, love is a verb Love is a doing word Fearless on my breath Gentle impulsion Shakes me makes me lighter Fearless on my breath" nothing too special about that. the only interesting passage is "fearless on my breath" I think the whole song is about meditation - maybe buddhism. "gentle impulsion" - of breathing? "fearless on my breath" means something like - my breath is the only constant thing I can rely on. (the breathing is the most important thing while meditating) love, love is a verb - love is a doing word.. well, that's an conclusion you can come to while meditating. and, what's important - love does not exist in mind - it exists in the real world - out there. the word "verb" implies that, because a verb is a "time-word". time only exists in real world, without matter, no time. breath is also another word for air - one of the four mystic elements: fire, water, air, earth. "Teardrop on the fire Fearless on my breath" three elements are present here. teardrop - water; water is a symbol for feelings, while fire is a symbol for the rationality - breath (air) for inspiration. "Nine night of matter Black flowers blossom Fearless on my breath Black flowers blossom Fearless on my breath" not sure what "nine" means - it could refer to the nine worlds of reincanation (the baby!) of buddhism. night of matter - night as a symbol for confusion - "you're stumbling in the dark(ness) of the night (of matter)" and matter also stands for another element - the earth. earth is a symbol for the "ground" for the real world. black flowers blossom. NICE! the most poetical sentence here. what's black lies in the dark - cannot be clarified etc.. but it is - it exists. it is creation. and it's beautiful. "Water is my eye Most faithful mirror Fearless on my breath Teardrop on the fire of a confession Fearless on my breath Most faithful mirror Fearless on my breath" "water is my eye". only with the heart one can see the truh. "most faithful mirror". we see ourselves most accurate in the "mirror" of beloved people. "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye" "the little prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and here the fire is exemplified - the fire of confession. the real confession is one of the heart, not of the mind - therefor tear on the fire (of a confession). "you're stumbling in the dark (...)" of matter.
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      This song really grabbed me when i first heard it while driving. I like the way you travel through the passages.
  • The first time I heard this song I loved it so much. Its a sweet nice song. Nice explanation you have given. May be what you said is right, no one will know but if you give the philosophical outlook for this song your explanation sounds nice. But what ever the meaning of the song, its lovely song
  • The song is about abortion... Gentle impulsion represents the act of abortion: the impulsion means the fetus is being sucked out of the womb. Nine night of matter represents nine months of pregnancy. Black flowers blossoming represents a potential for life evolving from matter. Stumbling a little is the would be mother leaving the abortion clinic after the fetus is aborted. Have a nice day...
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      Wow what a contrast to the other interpretation above. interesting
  • It's describing the different types of love and the various emotions one feels about love. There is love imagery throughout the song; "Love, love is a verb, love is a doing word" can be regarded as either the act of love making or how two people act in a loving relationship and the things they do for each other to show their love for one another. "feathers on my breath" is the gentleness of love, the lovely aspect of love for example the lovely, gentle love between father and daughter. "black flowers blossom" is when a relationship hits a bumpy patch, black flowers representing the painful aspect that grows from love for example a friend finding out that their friend has lied to them, from love grows problems that can be overcome. "water is my eye" is the tears that love create be they tears of joy or pain. "Teardrop on the fire of a confession" is representative of how a teardrop of a broken hearted lover does nothing to quell the firy passions felt. "you're stumbling a little" is a reference to when a person realises they are falling in love without realising it, they have stumbled into love unwittingly. The baby in the video is simply maternal love, the love of a mother and their child.
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      I like your interpretation. Now I'll have to give it another listen.
  • Not from personal experience, I believe this video is actually about abortion, just by watching the video and without reading the lyrics. Near the end of the video light suddenly falls into the womb, and there is a disruptive kind of knocking about outside the mothers' body. This is all done without any provocation by the baby itself. I believe this all represents the prying open of the cervix with a metal speculum to look into the uterus better, so that further instruments can intrude and an abortion can take place. The teardrop is an assertion that an unborn child has emotions, or a soul, or is in some kind of distress, judging by how far ahead the pregnancy is, but that it is still ahead of the baby's expected birth time. I've always loved this song and I love cute babies. so I had originally thought the video was about human life which begins in the mothers' womb, and conversely having to be born into this big bad evil world.
  • (love)love is a verb Love is a doing word Feathers on my breath Gentle impulsion Shakes me makes me lighter Feathers on my breath Love is a doing word.. it doesn't cease. It continually grows. Feathers is a reference to angels.. somethng heavenly. On the breath symbolising human life. Perhaps the conflict between human emotion and our inner selves. Shakes me makes me lighter.. Gentle impulsion along with shakes memakes me lighter has two meanings for me.. Gentle impulsion - can refer to; 1. the internal thrust of the apparatus used to suck out a fetus.. or 2. Love can create impulsive action.. a moment where a sort of hijacking of the brain takes place ie. amigdala hijacking (no thought is involved due to the current emotional state.) There is no ego here! Pure passion!... "Teardrop on the fire Feathers on my breath" Nothing will ever put out the fire.. I think in this case Fire symbolises destruction but could refer to passion if you believe the song is about love. The teardrop symbolising human emotion ie. pain. In the night of matter Black flowers blossom Feathers on my breath Black flowers blossom Feathers on my breath In the night of matter black flowers blossom means in a place thats unknown to humans, life and death meet. Black flowers representing death and blossoming representing life. Death doesnt grow it is the end of human life but the continuation of a soul or beginning of a new life if you believe in reincrnation. For me its the beauty of where life meets death. ie. when we die our souls return home to a place thats pure. Feathers on my breath refers to the heavens. Something angelic, the soul. Teardrop on the fire Feathers on my breath Water is my eye Most faithful my love Feathers on my breath Teardrop on the fire of a confession Feathers on my breath Most faithful my love Feathers on my breath so to recap the above interpretations I believe the above means the heart is faithful, good and pure. The truth is that our souls will never stop human destruction. Its about good overcoming evil within ourselves. Teardrop on the fire Feathers on my breath Stumbling a little (x2) refers to people losing their way or if we think its about love and not destruction then its refering to people finding their way again.. (ie being on the wrong path but in control vs being free and vulnerable). Conclusion: You could interpret this as a song about passion andlove but there are a lot of references to death and keeping the video clip and the mood of the song in mind i think its about good, evil and death using a babies death ie. abortion to tell a story. however you interpret the lyrics it is a very poetic song. I love it. :)
  • ok, this is my twist for the abortion theory: "Teardrop on the fire Fearless on my breath gentle impulsion" I think in the beginning, the woman was absolutely sure she wanted to have an abortion, no doubt in her mind. *teardrop on the fire- the fire being her desire to have the abortion and the tear of regretting it (the tear would be small and insignificant to stop a fire) *fearless on my breath- she was confident and fearless about the abortion *gentle impulsion- impulsion is when someone wants to move forward strongly or have a strong impulse to do something (she didn't think much of having the abortion, as the hasty decision was disguised as being no big deal-gentle) then I think the 'gentle impulsion' becomes a secondary metaphor for the abortion taking place, as it leads to "Shakes me makes me lighter", as the baby being aborted would ultimately, well, make her lighter, but in a physical and metaphorical sense. She would feel lighter from the stress of having a baby. "Nine night of matter Black flowers blossom" I'm pretty sure this is a metaphor for the baby (black flowers) developing (blossom). Calling the baby "black flowers" would be a metaphor for the beauty of life (flowers) but being tainted (black) by the mother not wanting to give life. "Water is my eye Most faithful mirror" This is the time the mother's beginning to realize what she's done. Her eyes are filled with water (tears) and the "faithful mirror" would be the blunt realization. "Teardrop on the fire of a confession" This line is spoken only once, which would probably mean it holds great importance. See, now the "teardrop on the fire" represents something else. When paired with "Teardrop on the fire of a confession", it changes the meaning to the mother not being able to forgive what she's done ("confession"). "Stumbling a little" She is no longer able to stride confidently now realizing the true extent of what she's done. Please tell me if this has helped any, I'm trying to become better at interpreting.
  • This song is about confessing a hidden love. A love that has been kept secret and there is a burning desire to release the truth. "Fearless on my breath" (NOT feathers!) expresses what it takes to tell someone you love them when you're not sure how they will respond; fearlessness. The fetus merely symbolizes something hidden that needs to come out. The mirror tells me that she's only so far managed to confess it to herself and is working on the courage to confess it to the person she loves.
  • I think it is about strength and the endurance of life and what the foetus/human has to look forward to. it enforces the 'act' of is a doing word. most faithful mirror, to me, represents the understanding that each individual has of life and how we experience it. It is a beautiful sing and holds a different meaning for each individual. What we feel is vital and important and significant and as unique as us. I love it! Enjoy life...
  • I've put a lot of thought into this song, and I hope you find my interpretation useful. Love, love is a verb Love is a doing word (I think this basically starts out by stating that song is about the love the singer has for another) Fearless on my breath (=I'm not afraid to say it) Gentle impulsion Shakes me makes me lighter (Describing her feelings the one she loves) Fearless on my breath Teardrop on the fire (This line makes me think that the singer is recieving criticism about her relationship and comparing her love and passion to a fire and that will greatly overcome any grief she is givin(a teardrop) ) Fearless on my breath (Once again reinforcing that she's not afraid to say this which makes me believe that she's singing this song for the ones that don't approve or maybe for the whole world in gerneral.) Nine night of matter (I really am not too sure about this one, but if I had to take a guess, the nine nights of matter(or importance) are saying that the love she is feeling is very strong, nine nights= 9 might refer to that there are seven days in a week and she feels loove more than all the time, night=well, you all know what goes on at night ;). matter=love, maybe? forgive me im BSing.) Black flowers blossom (Trying to convince those listening that relationships that are sometimes looked down upon(black flowers): possibly a homosexual or an interacial one, are right for this person(blossom) ) Fearless on my breath Black flowers blossom Fearless on my breath Teardrop on the fire Fearless on my breath Water is my eye (I've been crying, metaphor: as in so many tears her eye could be made of water) Most faithful mirror (I'm the only rightful judge of myself: basically saying that she doesn't care what the person thinks) Fearless on my breath Teardrop on the fire of a confession (The fire is her love that she confessed and she is givin trouble about it. I had another idea that maybe she had not been faithful to the one she is talking to and might be confessing a secret relationship) Fearless on my breath Most faithful mirror Fearless on my breath Teardrop on the fire Fearless on my breath Stumbling a little Stumbling a little (despite her independence anf love, it's still hard to confess her love to the one who maybe be a family member or a friend, and if it was an afair, a spouse)
  • I'm going through a tough time right now, really tough, with a 3 1/2 year relationship. With that being said, please consider my analysis. I believe, that this song is a progression of feelings. During a relationship, from beginning to end, every stanza summarizes what is felt. The beginning is the euphoria of love. The middle stanza is the pain of separation, the last stanza is the healing. Fearless on my breath implies the ability to continue on, and progress to the next stage. The video of the baby, i keep wondering if im right, but i believe that this song is about someones first love. We wonder if breaking off that first love was right or wrong. In reality, we dont know, we are so new to it, we dont understand it quit well enough yet. It just feels as if though life is being unfair. And that's it. But, we have yet to understand the full scope of love. We are so focused on that first love, that we dont realize how immature our growth in the field of love actually is. There is a whole world outside of that first love, but we are hesitant to go through the suffering to find out. If anything makes sense to me... its the teardrop on the fire verse. No matter how much i cry, it doesn't put the fire that is this pain out. Although a teardrop is water, the amount needed to subside the fire of passion i had and still have for this woman i love so much is not able to be amounted for. Every stanza has a different meaning for the teardrop on the fire line. In the first stanza, they are tears of joy, the second are tears of anger, the last are tears of sorrow. Love, love is a verb Love is a doing word Fearless on my breath Gentle impulsion Shakes me makes me lighter Fearless on my breath Love is verb, it IS a doing word. Saying you love someone means nothing. I have said i had loved before, but what i have done to love this woman is nothing i have ever come across. I sacrificed my future, my time, my friends, my family to ensure that this woman made it in life, that she could overcome her own problems, at the expense of mine. But it was all worth it, or so i thought. This was the utopian period. Tears of joy are all i felt. Just being with her made my knees buckle. Yet, hoping it would last forever, i continued the relationship. (Fearless on my breath) If you look at the order of things. The first verse is relativley happy. Talking about how strong the love is. Then the line "Teardrop on the fire, fearless on my breathe" comes up. After that, it becomes more bleak. Nine night of matter Black flowers blossom Fearless on my breath Black flowers blossom Fearless on my breath Nine nights of pain i suppose, even though its much more than that. Black flowers blossom. Although a rose is beautiful, the fact that it is black makes it less so. To me, though i love her so much, what she has done to me turns her into a black rose. If it doesnt mean that, it at least means that nothing joyful grows in the garden of your soul, only black roses. Enjoying a rose is one thing, but having nothing but a field of black roses to look at is another. Nothing can cheer you up at this stage. Not even a rose, because to one with a broken heart, the rose looks black. Water is my eye Most faithful mirror Fearless on my breath Teardrop on the fire of a confession Fearless on my breath Most faithful mirror Fearless on my breath Water does imply human emotion, but literally, water fills my eyes. But, during the time of weeping, comes introspection. I strive to understand myself, understand us, understand what we had. I confess to myself my mistakes, yet can understand that this is not all my fault. This period is like a mirror, able to understand oneself, and how to learn from this, and apply it to the future. Fearless on my breath, i will go on.
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      Beautiful transformation you speak.
  • In my opinion, this song is about a decision to have an abortion. If you listen to the rhythm of the song, it sounds similar to the beating of a heart. I will come back to this, but I wanted to make note of that before I started into the lyrics. Love, love is a verb Love is a doing word Fearless on my breath Gentle impulsion Shakes me makes me lighter Fearless on my breath The first two lines are an indication not of love as a feeling, but rather as an action (or verb). They refer specifically to coitus. “Fearless on my breath” seems to be a mantra. Evidence of this is the constant repetition throughout the song. Healing mantras have been used by many eastern cultures and can be very comforting in their repetition. In this instance the mantra is meant to help the person saying it to remain strong, and determined. That said, I will not come back to this as the meaning does not change over the course of the song. The “gentle impulsion” (or push) which “[shakes] and [makes] lighter” is referring to the first thoughts about having an abortion. The idea is starling, but the idea is a solution to the problem. Problems with solutions are always easier to deal with and stress is relieved. Nine night of matter Black flowers blossom Fearless on my breath Black flowers blossom Fearless on my breath This stanza is in reference to the decision to have the abortion. For nine days/nights the decision was contemplated, and on the final night the decision to go through with it was made. The term blossom is frequently used to describe people, or ideas that have reached maturity. The black flower, a reference to death or dark ideas, blossoming is referring to the decision to terminate the pregnancy. Water is my eye Most faithful mirror Fearless on my breath Teardrop on the fire of a confession Fearless on my breath Most faithful mirror Fearless on my breath This stanza seems to be about actually carrying out the procedure. Although there is determination to carry out the procedure, as noted by the mantra, there is still grief. Up until this point it seems as though the determination has pushed aside any real feelings about the situation, but in the final act of going through with it, her tears show sorrow for what is about to be preformed. This idea is reflected throughout the words of this stanza. The line, “Teardrop on the fire of a confession” is most likely related to the person never having mentioned the pregnancy, and the arrival at the clinic would be the first acknowledgement of the hidden pregnancy. Stumbling a little Stumbling a little These final two lines refer to moments of doubt just before the pregnancy is terminated. The choice of words here indicates that although there may be sadness, there is still a strong determination to go though with it. The choice of the word stumble backs this idea up because although one may waver, course is still maintained. Finally I return to the rhythmic heartbeat like sound which has persisted through the entirety of the song. This 'heartbeat' is meant to represent that of the fetus. For 1:15 seconds the music persists after the end of any singing. Nearly 20 % of the song is used to continue the melody. This is done to first identify it as being significant, and second, to finish the story being told for the listener. The harpsichord (or similar sounding instrument) and piano create an ambiance of trepidation. The song ends not with the rhythmic ‘heartbeat’, but with the piano chord and slow fade. The heartbeat like sound ending when it does is an indication that the procedure was carried out and with it, a completion to the story being told. Another indication of the deep and troubling nature of the song is the several second pause at the end. This is an indication that the songwriter wanted the listener to give thought to the deep and moving story that was just told before moving onto the next track of the album. I think there was enough of the public that thought that this song was about love that the music video was meant to clear the air and to give greater insight into the actual meaning of the song. One of the other writers in this section did a pretty good job of explaining that, so I recommend you read that if you want to know more about it.
  • I THINK that this song is nothing really to do with the baby. its the product of what has happened in the lyrics. i think the woman singing cheated on her lover. she says "water is my eye(she is crying) most faithful LOVER. (talking to her lover) teardrop on the fire (still crying) of a confession.(admitting she cheated.)most faithful lover feathers on my breath. otherwise. i have the lyrics wrong. because there are two inturpritations of the lyrics. i think it is about abortion. she says "water is my eye (she is crying) most faithful MIRROR.(as if she has trouble looking at herself knowing what she has done) teardrop on the fire of a confession.( addmitting to herself what she has done) but if not, I THINK at the end of the video the baby is probably not being aborted. i think it is being BORN!
  • It's about a person who cheats on her partner and confesses to him and of course she is very sorry and she cries (maybe because she is afraid he won't forgive her, but this isn't important here) and the feathers on breath is the heavy breathing when we cry and throat hurts,... Everything else is also describing the feelings while crying. "Most faithful my love" is her partner. She is sorry she wasn't faithful as he was. This I am not sure: "black flowers blossom" is maybe the baby she is having with her lover and maybe this is why a baby is in the video. Or maybe the black flowers are the resentments or all the bad feelings are growing... This is just my opinion. Everybody hears the song differently...
  • Wow. I heard this song for the first time during a period in my life that I was experiencing some very severe emotional abuse. The actual lyrics are quite different than the way I will always hear them with ~my~ ears, in ~my~ mind. This is the way I hear the lyrics: "Love Love is a verb Love is a doing word Fear this. Somehow pray. Gentile impulsion shakes makes wider Fear this. Somehow, pray. Teardrop on the fire... Fear this somehow, pray. Night night of the day black flowers blossom , fear this somehow pray Black flowers blossom, fear this somehow, pray Tear drop on the fire, fear this, oh my...... Water is my eye, most faithful mirror, fear this... oh my, pray. Teardrop on the fire of a confession, fear this somehow, pray. Most faithful mirror, fear this somehow, pray Teardrop on the fire....face it somehow, pray.. Just hold me in the dark...Just hold me in the dark...." This song stirs up some very frightening emotions in me, and actually, I am quite proud of myself that I was strong enough now, to listen to the song and type out [my version of] the lyrics. +5
  • This Cant be about an abortion, the baby is way to old. The fact the its eyes are open shows the baby is at least 7 months or so. Abortion is waaaay illegal at that point. And anyone who can articulate their words in such an elegant way creating this song. Has enouph supporting evidance showing she would not commit such a crime! I dont know who came up with this concept!
  • This Cant be about an abortion, the baby is way to old. The fact the its eyes are open shows the baby is at least 7 months or so. Abortion is waaaay illegal at that point. And anyone who can articulate their words in such an elegant way creating this song. Has enouph supporting evidance showing she would not commit such a crime! I dont know who came up with this concept!
  • This song to me is about true love and the creation of life. All long time ago... Before birth control... Men use to A: not have sex with their woman until they are ready to concieve or B:not to cumm. "Love, love is a verb Love is a doing word" Untill you do it (as in make love) untill then its just a word. "Fearless on my breath" Now I have fallen in love I am no longer afraid Living life with out fear with every breath I take. I breath in life fearlessly. "Gentle impulsion" Now that "i" am fearless I am free, relaxed finally Becouse the child was made out of love Allowing a "gentle impultion" from the mother to the child flowing through them both. Love created the Gentle vibration she is experiencing. "Shakes me makes me lighter" This describes the vibration of love flowing through the mother and or fetus. Making her feel lighter giving her the essence of freedom, nothing holding her down. Light as a feather...through the devine love lifting her up, this is life, this is divinity. Its how one feels during astral traveling or a Near Death Experience. Love lifts us up. Making us feel lighter. "Teardrop on the fire" Teardrops is made up of water. Water is a symbol of fertility. Fire symbolizes the love between two souls. Soul flames. Fire is also the element of life. Like the sun. "Nine night of matter" The number nine represents creation and the life as a rhythm and development Number 9 also represent the three divine manifestations in the three plans: world of the spirit, world of the soul, world of the matter, which gives a triple manifestations of Trinity (3 x 3). "Matter" is what makes anything and everything. Representing the fetus. "Black flowers blossom" Black symbolizes death. Flowers symbolize life. "Blossom" is the process of the flower coming to life. Clearly, this describes the process between life and death. The baby in the whomb is in the process of the baby entering from the after life, into this life - "blossoming" "Water is my eye" The eye beeing the window to her soul. Water symbolizes Fertility, the creation of life wich is found in her eyes. She is life, she is creation, you can see it in her eyes. This is also the meaning of a goddess. Water beeing life and fertility making up her soul. "Most faithful mirror" The mirror in this case is her twin soul also known as twin flames. A twin flame is someone who comes from the same soul as you. You are united in the afterlife. Once you are born into this world the energy is seperated into two different forces of energy. One beeing masculine another beeing feminine. When these two forces meet, they are a mirror reflection on eachother. "Most faithful mirror" Faithful, representing her certainty of him beeing the one. "I have the most faith in him beeing my mirror" "Teardrop on the fire of a confession" Confesssion, beeing the acknowlegment life and love. - This line means two souls aknowlage their exsistance as life and love and come together to create it! Hence the fetus -representing the love between two souls. "Stumbling a little" When two souls of the twin flame come together it is so intense. The vibration is so intense. On an emotional level you can become hesitant in falling into such love. This song to me Is about True Love And the creation of life And why were are here. We are here on earth to live, learn and love. Love is something that is learned through loss and other endevours we encounter through or souls journey. They say in a souls journey one must experience all emotions. Preparing us to handle the intensity of beeing with our twin soul. Most of us do not find a twin soul in this life time. However in our most recent years. Man kind have been stepping more and more into the spiritual realm. Beeing in touch with this spiritual realm allows one to find his or her twin soul. Considering we are all connecting through universal conscioscness. On a cosmic level we are all moved and effected by the vibration of others. Spread the love!
  • First get the lyrics right and everything will make more sense: Fearless on my breath... It is about contemplating abortion - and thinking about the dissonance that runs through the two minds - between the mother who gave life and is now thinking about taking it away - and the baby - who is a most faithful mirror and the gentle impulse - a kick or a tumble in the womb - which shakes her and makes her lighter. In the music - the bass and the drums represent the baby's heartbeat - that's why the song starts out with no melody - the piano and the melody it adds represents fate, contemplation, and the decision that is being made - there is no turning back from it - and the chords are seeking resolution. The disturbing sampling going on throughout is the dissonance of the decision and the sudden movement of the baby. Nine night of matter - nine is the day - the ninth - that she has scheduled the abortion to take place - black flowers blossom on that day - also, because of it nothing is born in the ninth month. Water, is my eye - amniotic fluid - what the baby lives in, and which is the very same water that's in the tear she cries on the fire of her confession. The tears are trying to put out the will or fire to carry out the abortion - the confession. Fearless on my breath - repeated through out for constant assurance - is her trying to persuade herself that she can do this and have no consequences to the action. The tears are also a most faithful mirror - both because they give the baby life and because they reflect how she truly feels. A teardrop is a powerful thing. Stumbling - in the video the baby is still alive at the end, but the light is the first thing the baby would see before the abortion is completed - the baby would be stumbling in the dark - the dark is all it knows - and it doesn't know what's happening. It forces you to contemplate from the baby's perspective what is being thought about and what is being done. Stumbling is also her decision - she no longer has fearless on her breath. The allusion to breath is also because she is the one breathing for both of them and it is "her" breath - the baby can't breath without her. And lastly the beginning - love - love is a verb - love is a doing word - if you love then you do - you act - out of that love, not out of convenience or benefit. It's surprising how powerful this song is with so few words. It is the heartbeat of the baby that carries it through - and it can definitely change your life - or lives - if you let it.

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