• they are obligated to tell you "what happened there" before you buy.
  • Hehe, well, it'd be simply NEWS until I got details of what exactly did take place. If it was something like, "glad you bought the house, even though the authorities still haven't removed all the bodies from the attic..." then I'd be, you know, a little perplexed.
  • Same thing happened to me, Possum! A house I bought in 1996 had been the scene of a terrible murder where a grandfather shot and killed his own grandson and later after being arrested he was able to get hold of a deputy's gun and killed himself. I would not have bought the house if I had known about the killing.
  • Well, I know there were people born in our house that we bought 2 years ago and still live in. I am not really sure about what else has happened in here. It is an old house, though. It was built in something like 1892.
  • Before I bought my house 3 years ago I did a back ground search on it. I have lived in a few houses that I had bad feelings about and I would hear strange sounds. I went back to the last 50 years and nbody was killed or died in this house.
  • dont sound good

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