• I've done it before. You shouldn't have a problem, just keep it on the down low. Mescaline is starting to become a big seller, marajuana is a classic, and cigarettes never get old.
  • If you are at school, you are on their property and subject to their rules regarding sales...just as a random ice cream vendor cannot come in and start selling up and down the halls.
  • Well, I did it and never got in trouble (but then again I kept it quiet) It was the gambling I set up they really didn't like. They kept conviscating our cards. So I started selling packs of cards too. I was the only female honourary member of the 'Gentlemens Club' in Berlin for my 'heroic efforts'. It was brilliant!
  • watch out, the school will go off like Tony Soprano if you start making money. they will carry on about how it's not fair to take money from students and how they have a deal with a vending company, but it's really about YOU getting money instead of THEM. right now my little sister is in trouble at high school because she was selling cans of mountain dew to other students for just $0.50 a can, $0.25 cheaper then the vending machines. thing is first of all she did this for the last three years with the full knowledge of her teachers and there was no problem. second the teachers are selling candy and other items from their desks, for personal profit not school funding, and no one says anything about that either. but now that school budgets are tightening and they see she is making about $15.00 to $20.00 a day they want to take over that action. the s.o.b. who called said repeatedly that "she is making money and the school isn't getting any of it" so it's not about fair to students, specially since they sell pop from the vending machines for $0.75 a can. I have half a mind to meet that basturd after school sometime an DISCUSS something with him.

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