• Some would say it is.
  • It's definitely not not racist.
  • Yes, as it shows a form of prejudice vs people of other races. By saying that, you wouldn't even give people of other races a chance simply because of their heritage ergo you'd be racist.
  • i have no problem with inter racial marriages, or biracial children however personally im attracted to my own race. i dont believe its racist
  • Prejudiced in all likelihood. Racism would be condoning violence against another race and treating another race with agression.
  • It is a personal choice, that can be influenced by racial undertones.
  • I don't think its being racist at all. I think it has to do with cultural and religious upbringings. I just couldn't see myself mixing in well with certain races when it comes to marriage but thats not to say that I dislike them. I have friends of all races.
  • It depends on your reasoning entirely, which you don't indicate. The statement, unless qualified can be interpreted as Racist very easily. If you had simply made the personal choice yourself, it might just be that - personal preference. But because you're actively trying to prohibit another individual from making the choice or influence their free will in the matter then you are spreading your racial bias...which is a form of racism.
  • Racism is not in actions but in motives.
  • I don't think it's racist if you just aren't attracted to the other races or certain race, and don't want to marry them. It is however, in my mind, racist if you don't want your kids to marry anyone outside of their race because it is their own decision for themselves to make.
  • racism is judging someone because only because of thier skin coulor so technically i would say thats a yes
  • No for the first, yes for the second. When it comes to who you marry, it's your own preference. But imposing it on your children hints at racism.
    • rooruu
      kind of like, if you're going to have kids, know before hand that they might one day do something you might have never thought of doing yourself or seen any other past generation people do... What might a parent do if their child told them they wanted to join Hamas or the Taliban?? If the parent advised against it, would it be partially prejudiced?
  • I guess it depends on the reasons WHY.
  • to the first: if it's simply because they aren't your race, then i'm guessing yes. if it's because the ones of your race you meet you love, then i'd say no. . to the second: yes
  • I think it is usually racist to say you won't marry outside of your race, though I don't think all who say it are racist. I think that both can certainly be racist, but not always.
  • It depends on the reason you don't want to date outside of your race. I do think it's wrong to tell your children they can't date outside of their race, though.
  • there's not enough information given to come to that conclusion based on the definitions of racism or prejudice. If you dislike them because of their race or you think you're better than them then that would fit the definitions. In reality you have no control over who your children choose to love.
  • Not at all; there are large cultural differences that make it difficult to maintain relationships with other races. Some people just aren't into different races; this black guy called this chick in highschool racist because she wouldn't date him (he was an imbecile) "Racist" is a stupid concept; especially in the US and EU. You can love everyone but want kids that look like you; it's obnoxious to say there's something wrong with that. (I'm dating someone of a different race; most people are just retarded about the issue calling everything racist because they like to feel upset. I'd love blonde-haired blue eyed babies but that'll be wife number 2.. or 1; not married quiet yet)
  • I would say no... Many people in other countries prefer to keep their cultural blood within themselves.. Many Indians prefer to marry other Indians.. Iranians prefer other Iranians... etc.... They might be more than content with their culture and heritage to not want to add or subtract from it.. When a child marries into another culture, both families of the newlyweds are effected just as much as the 2 individuals... I do know that Hawaiian heritages preferred to keep to their own until a while ago when they began intermarrying with other races. And how about telling your children to keep the cultural 'language' within the home unit? Would that be racist?
  • Not if you say it for yourself bevause you ate allowed the fteedome of personal preference. However, when you start making decisions for other people, related or not, then it becomes racist.
  • Nope. but unless you have a good rationale it's hinting at racist/extremist tendencies.
  • i think it is
  • It's a personal choice in what you want and what you teach your kids. Who gives a shit what others think.
  • It's a personal choice in what you want and what you teach your kids. Who gives a shit what others think.
  • If that is very import or a primary focus in one's life they yes, that person is absolutely a racist. Everyone has the innocent right to be with whoever they want regardless of race. When, however, one finds it important to make announcements in that regard there is virtually no chance they are not racists.

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