• Could you please give an example?
    • Jewels Vern
      Statues of local heroes are being defaced just because the modern attitude about slavery has changed. Some people think there is a connection, but they can not maintain good manners when asked to explain.
  • Such as?
  • Ok a 20 year old drinking a beer, how is that socially acceptable? The age to drink is 21, underage drinking is only acceptable to those who are underage. You drinking and driving is not acceptable at any age. I don't care if you said it was only 2, or even one. I guess you've never been touched by anyone involved in a DUI crash have you. I almost lost one of my good friends because the guy "only had 2 beers". As for the cigarette thing. While you do have the right to smoke, those who don't have the right not to smell your smoke. If you want to smoke, go outside so you don't force your habit on those who choose, not to smoke. You don't have the right to do that. Your rights end where another's rights begin.
  • Need an example
    • Jewels Vern
      Any question about the holocaust is a social crime in USA and a felony in many other countries.
  • What do you mean, Payton? How about providing us with some examples?
  • 9-3-2017 It is called cultural collapse. All cultures eventually collapse, all in the same general manner and for the same general reasons. Symptoms of impending collapse include basic service jobs taken over by immigrants; increasing welfare rolls; national defense given to mercenaries because citizens refuse to serve; debunking of national heroes and admiration of slobs instead; rejection of the dominant religion, morals, and all standards of excellence, first noticed in arts and then in all activities. The trigger for the final collapse is always random, and always something that a healthy society could have handled. Explanations and examples:

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