• Here's an exmaple: A person has a 43%+ratings given. They've been here for almost a year. They have 250 questions asked with a 92% rating, and 2600 answers given with a 95% rating. They state they hardly ever rate ANYONE, plus or minus. COULD they be telling the truth? YES. Here's how. I know that once I became active on AB, I could EASILY go through 100 questions a day, and most-likely MANY more. Let's assume that I don't know particularly how the points system works, and I give positive and negative points indiscrimiately (Helpful and Not Helpful, right?) to questions and answers. THEN I heard about the points system, and decided to NOT give ANY ratings to ANYONE. Picking these numbers just to simplify, out of 100 questions and answers that I rated, I rated 43 of them positively, and 57 of them negatively. Ok, now I have a 43%+ratings given. If I NEVER rate anyone again, either way, I will have THAT rating forever. And MANY people will believe me to be a TROLL, even though since that time, I've not rated ANYONE. Is this fair? Now think... With 19 ratings, if I give 8 positive and 11 negative, I get 42%+ratings given. Remember... I've asked 250 questions and answered 2600, and been here almost a year. In that time, I've only given 19 ratings, but my +ratings given sits at 42%. Does THAT make me a troll? Only 11 negative answers in a year of ABing? Ok... Now let's assume I never rated ANYONE. My %+ratings given would be 0%. (I've seen a few like that.) For that matter, If I uprate one and downrate one, my rating percentage is 50%. If I then DR another, it's 33%. BUT I've only given 2 downrates and 1 uprate in my whole AB career! Again, is it fair to label me a TROLL? Now, there are those who give positive ratings all the time. If THEIR percent +ratings given goes down from the high of 100% to 95% in a short time, they MAY be a short-term troll... Again, it depends on how MANY ratings they've given. Ok... So now we have established that "+ratings given" CANNOT be used to decide if a person is a troll or not without the number of ratings they've given? UNLESS and UNTIL AB includes THAT in the stats box, we will NEVER TRULY be able to tell who is a troll and who is not by the "+ratings given."
    • Queen Chelsea
      That's awesome, I had a migraine buy the time I got to the end of your logic
  • by their answer i think that obviously you can tell someone might be a troll when all their answers are posted like 50x's
  • i have never thought that much thought into it at all i dont try to seek out 'trolls' or anything or assume someone is a troll actually im a lil confused by this question could you explain for me im not trying to be difficult or anything. if you dont want to you dont have to simplify it im just a lil lost
  • BigDaddy, Kudos for bringing to light the fact that we mere mortals (i.e. non-staff) should not be on troll witch-hunts reminiscent of Salem, Mass or the McCarthy hearings. However, I would like to objectively point out that your theory precludes a very specific Answerbagger. While we both agree that we cannot judge a new bagger's rating percentage as troll-worthy because of their scant activity, the picture you painted in your answer was of an active answerbagger who claims inactivity for rating others. This certainly is not typical for active users (though I can see it being slightly more common than to be called "rare"). Beyond that, and extending your example, this person should, over the course of their term on AB: 1) realize the implication of having a low published +rating% and over the course of time work to counteract it. In your examples, 100 more +ratings over the course of the year would need to be given to push the averages into the 75-90 percentile range. OR 2) Be accused of being a troll and prove their innocence by within one hour adding 20 points to their + rating percentage. So, simply, the person in your case not only has an excuse but a simply checked "alibi." While I do believe what I said and you implied that there is no need accusing unsuspecting ABers of being trolls, I would certainly suspect an avid user of the site having a dismally poor +rating percentage.
  • As for how you know how someone is a troll, that would be when they show up at ever question you do and down rate ever question you answer and it happens time after time. then they fade away for awhile then sneak back in again to do the same thing again. They will be the only person to down-rate you when everyone else rates you highly- THATS A TROLL !
  • Good morning Big Daddy. That is a great summary. For me, It takes some good dealings with a person , and their numbers. If I have dealt with someone in a negative way more than once, that may make me look at their numbers. We all have bad days, so, you just cant judge by attitude here. But, for me, bad attitude, and bad numbers is a good sign. I have friends with 70 and 80 % , they are learning, but, they havent been here a long time either. * Regardless of my opinions here, this is a great question! And I hope it helps the curious bagger out! Have a great day buddy!
  • The percentage of positive ratings given by a certain user matters to me, but that's not enough information to call someone a troll when he/she has a low percentage. That said, I have a hard time finding the logic in being an active participant of this site and not believe in the points system or being stingy when awarding them, being snobbish as to say "I never rate". I don't see those people asking other users openly to not give points to them. I find it a little hypocritical, frankly.
  • Big Daddy, I agree with Chris...It isn't based on percentages alone....But there comes a time when putting all the peices together = a troll
  • I don't look at the numbers to determine if someone is a troll. It's their behavior that determines it. Sure, there are some who do their "hit-and-run" anonymous DRs for no good reason. But, a lot of them make themselves well known through their behavior. I learned that well when I used to be in Y/A. Some of those trolls have slithered over here. Some have always been ABers. Those who deliberately try to stir things up by posting hateful/offensive/abusive/attack questions and answers all of the time and argue with everyone are trolls. There are some quite a few of us know well from Y/A who actually go to the troll to "clone" legitimate users' accounts and post hateful/hurtful Q&A posing as someone else. And there was an email link in Y/A (if you didn't have the link turned off) where users could send messages to other users....the trolls would send hateful, threatening emails as well. I had to turn my link off. Behavior like that is "troll" behavior.
  • if their question sounds weird
  • Hi BigDaddyBS. Are you still active here? .. Is "The Chief" still around?... Can someone answer some questions for me? ...Not sure how to tell how old a question or answer is? ...How do you friend request someone? ... How do you private message someone? How to you appeal a comment being deleted as several of mine were deleted yesterday, possibly all of my comments were deleted yesterday?
    • Linda Joy
      I don't remember having seen either of them and I've been here almost 2 years. Old questions have lower view numbers. Look at the address line. Old AB questions have only 6 digits. Newer ones have at least 7, and they are in order, though some may have been deleted. This AB doesn't have a friend function or a private message function. And I'm not sure anyone works here anymore. I haven't heard from any staff that I'm aware of in over a year!
    • Texasescimo
      Hi, thank you. You mean like the last numbers on the URL like this one is: 801254 and the following URL ends in: 3513891? I think someone has to work here so as to delete post like mine have been.
  • I look at their profile pic
  • are u on? Do you really expect someone to read all this sh*t? Do people do that? Like am I the only one here who is thinking this? ...I can't believe I'm actually mad right now... What ratings? I don't see any ratings.
    • Linda Joy
      I read it all, and understood it. They don't do that anymore, probably because of all the complaining. I wouldn't want to be on a site that down rates questions or answers.

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