• Love it, they weigh are luggage don't they? So I don't see why not!! Like a 30 stone person is allowed to take just as much luggage weight as an 8 stone person.
  • I think this new bodyweight airline policy is dumb, they should be focusing on keeping the passangers safe, and checking for any dangerous activity or stuff.
  • I hadn't heard of that. I don't know. Some larger people might feel like it's unfair. But I suppose it makes sense. The more you weigh, the more room you could take up. But still, I don't know, it just doesn't seem right.
  • I think they already charge enough junk fees to choke a mastodon! I'm not for giving them another excuse to raise their rates.
  • I think it is gross and ridiculous. It should not be considered a factor. People are people, and they should be treated equally, whether they be small or large. What could come next? Higher prices for women because they tend to use the bathroom more often? Higher prices for people who do not speak English, because communication is more complicated? Higher prices for children because they tend to misbehave and need more attendance? Higher prices for people in wheelchairs or with other bodily challenges such as blindness, deafness, etc? The possibilities seem endless, but it is a completely false direction of thinking. The mentality behind it is simply disrespectful of the individuality of people, and as such it is despicable.
  • I once was unfortunate enough to get seat next to a huge guy. 9-hour trip seemed like it took forever. I think he should've bought 2 seats, instead of making someone next to him suffer.
  • I think it's going way too far. It will make companies hire only thin or small people, so they can save on air fares. Ridiculous.
  • If nothing else travel by train is still an alternative
  • Actually, in the past they weighed the passengers before the flight, don't know if they charged extra. The engines were not as powerful as today and every pound counted.
  • It's discrimination and it's going to be met by lawsuit after lawsuit and eventually put the airlines all in bankruptcy and out of business.
  • Its definitely discrimination. What would you do if you were the fattest guy in the world and you wanted to go for an operation?
  • wow. i would do everything in my power to sabotage whatever airlines pull that shit. discrimination by weight. wow. lawsuits are going to be coming up the wazoo if that's going to really happen
  • whats next bald people get a discount on the tickets cause they got no hair and are lighter????
  • There are a few airlines right now that charge for two seats for people that take up two seats and that is fair. But breaking down people by weight--that would be both a PR and logistical nightmare at a check-in counter and I don't see that ever happening.
  • I understand that airlines are trying to find ways to make ends meet with fuel prices. But how often do they fly a plane full of heavy people? If A 200 lb man sits next to 95 lb kid, don't they balance out? I understand charging A VERY large person for two seats because they can't fit in to one seat and it is unfair to seat a passenger in a seat next to them. But weight is not all about being "big". And how big is too big? A 6' tall man could weigh 200 lbs and not be "overweight". But 5' tall woman who weighs 200 lbs is. And what about really tall people? They can be thin and still weigh alot. People think this issue is just about protecting the obese from discrimination, but actually it is frought with problems. How would the formula be calculated? What would the exceptions be? This plan, if it ever was enacted, would not last long. The airlines need to find REAL solutions.
  • it was just a joke. it was intended to increase web traffic.
  • Totally Ridiculous...
  • I believe it's a way to increase savings. You can save on food to get thin and once you go in airplane you can save more there.
  • There is no accurate single dimension measurement that will determine whether or not a passenger will fit in his or her designated compartment.

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