• Haven't found it yet yo...
  • Sweden
  • ALASKA it really isnt that cold there you know???
  • Right here where I am. Love it! I live on a large body of water right in my back yard and have been here for twenty five years! But, downside -- it sure is hot and humid!
  • Wherever my husband is, which will mean where we are happiest, somewhere close to nature and the wilds of some kind.
  • Right where I am in New England. We have four seasons, great malls, historical places of interest, and plenty of great outdoor activity in the summer time.
  • Right where we DO live, close to the foothills, in Southern California. LOVE this place. Garden, roomy house, nice people around, lots of cultural attractions, lots to do generally - good music, etc. And I have this great guy to live with, these 23 years.
  • Smithers, British Columbia, Canada-It is avery beautiful place with a ski hill overlooking the townsite, three lakes within its boundaries, a river, hockey arena, curling rink, aquatic centre, skateboard park, a par three golf course, 18 hole golf course, good local shopping, good hospital, statues, Swiss village motif, airport, and passenger train service. There is cross country skiing, snowmobiling, hunting and fishing. The people are friendly and well educated.
  • ... right here in the "Plateau" area of the island of Montreal, Canada.

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