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  • Just admit you smoke weed, its easier!!! :)
  • lol it doesn't really work that way. you should drink a detox better just plain water doesnt work trust me. :P
  • You breathe in marijuana, and it circulates in your blood, firing off a certain THC receptor in your brain when it reaches there. You digest water and it gets 'sucked' into every area of your body through your stomach, including the blood, where it just mixes with what is already there. It doesn't clean anything, it's just integral to your blood supply, like oxygen is. THC sticks in your blood supply in small amounts until about 2 weeks after you smoke, if you smoke occasionally. It slowly disappears - not through your urinry tract or through your bowel (which is how excess water is released) - it just 'goes'. So water can help little.
  • i would think if you drank two quarts of water a day for a period of ninety days you would clean out your system to be clean and free of thc and marijuanna.
  • Water does nothing. THC metabolites stay in your fat cells. Excersize and eating fiber will help. Water doesn't "flush you out." The idea comes from the confusion that if you drink ALOT of water right before a urine test, you can dilute it to the point where there's very few metabolites. Of course, they'll fail you if it's suspiciously diluted. "Detox" drinks occasionally work because they instruct you to drink a lot of water with them, and they're high in salts, B vitamens and creatine, which helps hide dilution. They're also stupid expensive for basically a salty sports drink.
  • ive smoked the night before and the day of my drug test if you drink alot of water or green tea and just drink untill you cant take it then drink more youll pass because youll piss strait water and ur mom or dad prolly just have the cheap plain weed test everyone else on here says water doesent work because there too much of a pussy to drink enough.
  • I smoke on an three to four times a week usually right after my ua sometime up to a day or two before.....Now this is not like joints or blunts I'm talking like one hitters and maybe four hits a day. I am on probation so all my ua's get sent to the lab. I start drinking water as much as possible about two days before the test. I drink about three to five liters of water about two hours before my test. I also take two multivitamins (not the extended release one's, the ones that disolve in about ninety minutes the bottle should usually tell you). This is pretty much all I do. If you don't drink enough water with the multivitamins your pee will look neon yellow......I would suggest doing these things and getting to know how fast your body desolves the vitamin and then learn to adjust your water intake in order to lighten the color of your urine after taking the vitamins. They have never failed me for the color or creatine levels etc. As long as you have a visible amount of color they should not flag you or fail you.....just tell them your working out more often and thus drinking much more water and substituting your other fluid intakes.....i.e. pop,tea,coffee,etc with water to get into better shape. I know it's not a fancy hi tech answer most are expecting but it has worked for me and a been on probation a year and a half. Just don't get over confident and smoke a whole bunch or too soon to your deadline. Hope it helps
  • Cannabanoids are lipophilic which means they are stored in adipose (fat) tissue. The ONLY way to make your system clean and free of marijuana is time. Drinking water will have absolutely no effect.
  • The one who said ppl are too pussy to drink enough said it right. If you are still smoking, you have to drink enormous amounts of water to dilute it enough to make it not show up and that can actually kill you from water intoxication. Look it up. One woman died from drinking three liters. Another died from a water contest on the radio and left behind three kids. So be careful. IF YOU THROW UP, STOP IMMEDIATELY!! Water dilutes but doesn't get rid of it..and if you are on probation, a diluted test is a flunk. Your best bet if you have a lot riding on it is to quit. At least if you quit ten days ahead of time, if you are a chronic smoker, a gallon of water over 2-4 hours before the test will make you come up negative..remember to take vitamin b2 for color. The chick who says she smokes a one hitter and does this method is passing because of these reasons.. 1. She doesn't smoke a lot of maryjane. She limits her consumption. 2. She drinks enough water to bring her levels down before the tests and takes a multivitamin to add color. It only takes three to five days for an occasional smoker!
  • lol all these ppl that say water wont dillute you urine are retarted... people in a ut test everything is measured by nanograms...... drink about a gallon and hour n a hlf b4 ur test.. tinkle 2 times then ur good trust me bud
  • depends on you.
  • about 2 gallens in 1 hour will do the trick

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