• Yes I am
  • I try to be. I try to remember that Happiness is wanting wanting what I have not having what I want. But, I wholly admit to having off days and moments of total ungratefulness.
  • certainly. And I am guessing I have so much more than I deserve.
  • Damn right. Things could've been a lot worse.
  • Sure I am, but in some sick way it hurts when I say it out loud.
  • About 98% of the time!
  • I am more grateful for the things I don't have.
  • I try to stay grateful because it helps keep me from being hateful!
  • extremely
  • Absolutely! Because my life has turned completely for the better these last two years. :)
  • Yes, for I have my sweet baby Rosie and my Jesus, and I am content.
  • No, i worked very hard for every single thing i have. I deserve it.
  • Yes before aft, all is gone and you wonder where to it has left.
  • I have a loving family and two jobs. So, definitely yes.
  • not always but i'm working on it...
  • it is better to be grateful than to be hateful! all i have is unbelievable coincidence phenomenon to go off of but i have realized these truths! I have a ghost named William Ross messing with me! i got love for pops because he's my dad of course, and i hope he stays friendly! I'll stay in this house unless the worst case scenario comes true and my walls start bleeding and i see bugz everywhere like that old school Willy Wonka tunnel of horror... in which case i'll probably kill myself so that i can kick his fucking ass for putting me through this shit! enough is enough! it seems like he is leading me somewhere like a scavenger hunt! i keep running into pyramids and i get this feeling like if we return the gold the dead will quiet once again. I believe that sunlight will shine on the platform where the golden idol once was! and i may possibly be able to return the key and lock the locks on the limbo spirits! within the pyramid was an elephant in an egg. the sun is to pass over this planned mark at the end of the great year... will it be true? an elephant within an egg that reappears in the pyramid? even i can't believe it, but at the same time i can not deny it! because it just keeps contacting me! let us leave the egg closed this time, should it reappear again! this sure feels like divine insight or devils play or something! It just does not make any sense(its like the x-files over here) i understand that the power of giving and the power of gold could contain such great importance in once again creating unity! Man's rule over his neighbors beliefs and practices by government is almost over! The closing of our box. Protection from war. If i have to go 12 rounds with the devil myself i will do so! does that make me a terrorist or a savior? do i belong on death row or birth row? or am i just going to deny this is happening? you decide!

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