• That one Eddie Murphy mentioned in the 80's...where you stick your dick in it and it explodes.
  • I am absolutely afraid of cancer, but you can't live your life in fear, so I just try not to think about it.
  • is horrible.
  • Leprosy.
  • Wow, they're all scary when you have kids 'cause you worry that they'll get sick. And the older you get, the scarier they all become. I think maybe, other than the exotic 1 in a million designer diseases, cancer remains the scariest because anyone can have it and there aren't a lot of cures.
  • Bromedrosis...! But it wasn't really that scary once I found out what it was... ;-)
  • Have you guys ever heard of Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome? Patients with this genetic disease literally tear themselves apart through self-injury and mutilation. In one case, a patient was left without attendants for just a few minutes and, in those moments, tore his own nose off using a fork. The patients feel pain just as you and I do, but somehow can't control their agonizing urges. It's somewhat akin to how some people bite their fingernails to the point of bleeding, even though they know it will hurt.
  • Ebola. Totally scary stuff.
  • The Plague The 1918 flu virus and HIV are the biggest killers of modern times. But back in the 14th century, the bacterium that causes bubonic plague, or the Black Death as it was also known, was the baddest bug of all. In just a few years, from 1347 to 1351, the plague killed off about 75,000,000 (That's seventy-five million!) people worldwide, including one-third of the entire population of Europe at that time. It spread through Asia, Italy, North Africa, Spain, Normandy, Switzerland, and eastward into Hungary. After a brief break, it crossed into England, Scotland, and then to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Greenland. That's just scary to me.
  • Poison Ivy
  • Leprosy.
  • Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progessiva - Condition which makes your muscle turn into bones so that eventually you're frozen. Progeria - aging disease. Ages children so that a 7 year old might have the body of a 70 year old. Oh and cancer, that scares me.
  • AIDS! but Cancer also.
  • bird flu, ebola, aids............

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