• A Hunderd dollar bill raised in the air insight of the bartender will take that problem away real quick! Trust me you tip that person before they serve you a drink they will hook you up the rest of the night and know exactly what you want..Sometimes they'll have the waitresses if it's a resturant bring it to you..
  • *pouty mouth air kiss* = Baileys = *smiles*
  • give the best looking guy in the bar a wink and let him do the ordering for you the rest of the night!
  • There already is one. In MN you put your hand on the bar with money and the bartender approaches you. In CO it's a bit trickier, they don't like the money held out, you just flag them down. Good bartenders will remember who's been waiting etc. A tip of $1-2 everytime and going to the bar regularly will ensure speedier service.
  • I just wear my Budweiser hat and point at it when I'm ready for another. Cool question!
  • X's over the eyes means Tequila.
  • Since I don't drink, I would like to suggest a meathod for ordering a water. I think you should hold your hand up like your holding a steering wheel, because I'm always the designated driver. Or you should put your hands and fingers in the shape of a diamond which can also sometimes be the symbol for a vagina.
  • In my perfect world, I would just look at the bartender and he/she would pour me up a tall glass of Stoli Ras and Soda water. LOL!! I don't think snapping my fingers is a good one... :)
  • I'd like to order a "Sloe Comfort-able Screw Up Against The Wall." I'd list the gesture, but it might get me the penalty box. lol Let's just say it involves creativity.
  • Put your fingers in the shape of an El, point to your eye and then make a T sign. Long Island T.

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