• There is actually a law in Texas that prohibits driving a pick-up truck with the tailgait down. However, it is hardly ever inforced. I have heard of the police using it as an excuse to stop someone driving in a residential area late at night, or for any other reason they might want to stop someone. The last time I saw it in black and white was about 1985, and it may have changed.
  • Some places it is illegal for anything to stick out past the bumper without a flag to warn people behind you.
  • Some states yes, some states no. Check with your local government.
  • Like the other answers, it depends on the laws in your jurisdiction. Common sense would tell you, that driving with the tailgate down, could be dangerous, especially if you are carrying a load in the bed of the truck. The use of a red flag, in this situation, would not apply, since most tailgates are not over 4 ft. past the main body of the vehicle. It could be careless driving, if riders were in the bed of truck and the tailgate was in the down position.
  • This probably depends on what state you are in. In certain states it is illegal and probably in some states, it is legal too.
  • Check your local law enforcement. Whether is is or not, you shouldn't do it because it lowers your gas milage to drive with it down.
  • In most states, yes. It's just not recommended when there's people in it.
  • well it depends on what state and if the cops can see your lisense plate or not
  • Yes,as long as you remove ALL empty beer cans and bottles first...
  • Yes in some states it is illegal
  • I shouldn't imagine so.

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