• Apple wants you to download or buy specific programs to your computer so you can convert files just so you can upload it onto your ipod. There are specific file types on the ipod can read, so its best to find out what those are. If you just search google, you will find what you are looking for. (the reason why i don't give you any links is because this might be considered as stealing.. Since your not buying the program to convert files for the Ipod.. your stealing.. by using a shareware (free program) application to the the samething for free.. (i dont think its stealing.. but i get shit for helping people like this.. maybe scubabob can tell you if im helping someone steal lol) Good luck! (the google search can be anything.. just add the key words.. like.. Downloading.. Videos.. to Ipod.. for free.. lol)
  • ipod videos are I think the best video playing players yet, the screen is fairly big so theres no problems seeing subtitles and small writing and such, with a full chargered battery you can watch alot of movies. Adding videos to it you need ITUNES, which comes with the ipod all you do is convert them to the ipod format not sure what it is and just drag and drop to the video folder in itunes, hope this helps.
  • If you have itunes 7, just right click on the video and click convert selection to ipod.
  • just drag the video into itunes, click on the video, go up to advanced, than click convert for ipod or iphone.

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