• On a moral, religious and taboo level, yes... On a financial, social, and physical level, no... In my opinion, as always. lol
  • Personally i could never ever do that to myself but some people don't see a problem with it. I try to be lenient with peoples opinions so i think it's alright for people who feel comfortable selling and/or buying that sort of thing as long as neither of them are attached or married.
  • If your married and your spouse is using prostitutes for their sexual arousal...wouldn't you feel burned if you got a disease? I'm not just talking your whole relationship is a sham, but catch a life ending virus, and see if you think it was wrong/immoral. If your spouse knows your chasing prostitutes and doesn't care...then I guess thats a whole new ballgame. Maybe it just depends on the couple involved? I wouldn't want it, but sometimes I think I should have been born in a more rigid time period. Take care.:)
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  • no its not wrong in my opinion.its no different than a pornstar infact a lot of pornstars are litereal prostitutes,cant anyone see that some people just like sex and thats why they do it,its a win win situation,you get the sex they gwet the money,i know it sounds unorthodox but its better than one night stands because you fooling tghe girls into having sex with you and you may get auids coz they dont use protection,prostitutes always use protection in the long term prostitutes cozt less than girlfriends and one night dtamds it is more moral
  • Whether something is morally right or wrong does not necessarily have to do with whether the people doing it are 'all right with it.' Many people have issues with prostitution because it involves denegrating the act of sex or the human body to something that can be bought. It is the objectification of the human body, generally of the female body. Doesn't anyone find it appalling that some women think that selling their bodies are the only way they can make enough money to feed their families? What about other skills and their powers of intellect? Surely, their worth is more than that of what's just on their body. And this is if it is 'legalized' prostitution where the women are tested for drugs, and are supposedly consenting. Even in these cases, they may be treated terribly- but in cases where they are on the 'streets', some of the stories are horrendous. (physical, emotional abuse by not only customers but also the pimps.) Prostitution is not wrong because people think that having sex is wrong, it is wrong because of how it changes the way people think about one another. I've heard married men justify using a prostitute by saying that it allows them to have things such as blow jobs, which their wives wouldn't perform. What about trying to develop a good relationship with your wife by actually talking about your desires instead of running off to a prostitute who could potentially give your wife an STD? In some cases prostitutes are tested on a monthly basis. But I've never heard of the customers being tested and therefore it is infact possible to still get an STD from a prostitute. It is not safe and it is not morally right.
  • Absolutely it's wrong.( because it's creating a lots of problems on a innocents life)

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