• Set it on fire. Rust will no longer be an issue. :P
  • Someone once told me that if you wax a car it prevents its body from rusting fast . I dont know how true that is lol but I figured I share what I was told.. Even it is non sense.. I am notsure if it is or not though..
  • Wax won't stop it from rusting, if any thing rust will feed of the moisture in wax. Keeping it clean of salt and other road contaminants is the first action you should take. Treating it with an acrylic paint conditioner will resist rust and oxidation while leaving a mirror like shine on the vehicles paint.
  • Keep your car clean, especially in the winter with road salt. Also, make sure any nicks,scratches and chips in the paint are taken care of as soon as you see them. These will rust pretty quick. Also, wax DOES prevent rust. It protects your paint and clear coat. So wax your car often.
  • Prime and paint it. It wouldn't hurt to treat it with an acrylic treatment. If you live in a salty area be sure and wash your car including the undercarriage.

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