• There have been two movements in the past for feminism in the past. The first movement was toward a more female in the home, taking care of the kids. This was really popular in the 1870's up till WWI The second movement wanted equality, that has been going on for a while. I think that though it is unnecessary to have the women do the housework, I think it would be nice to have more homeschooling with one parent, independent of gender. (less bad influences from MTV and peer pressure.) If a female can do what I can do (possibly better) then go for it. I think there needs to be competition for jobs.
  • Feminism Today is just lame - Stop fighting for no reason, youve got rights - Looks at MADD - so stfu. Feminism back Then, that had purpose, they did whats right and what was needed to progress. Todays Feminist are just - weak and want to complain about something.
  • All indications are that the new crop of yong feminist ideologues coming out of our nation's colleges are even angrier, more resentful, and more indifferent to the truth than their mentors. The large majority of women are distancing themselves from this anger and resentfulness. Unfortunately, they associate these attitudes with "feminism", and so they conclude that they are not really feminists. According to a 1992 Time/CNN poll, although 57 percent of the women responding said they believed there was a need for a strong women movement, 63 percent said they do not consider themselves feminists. Another poll conducted by R.H.Brushkin reported that only 16 percent of college women "definitely" considered themselves to be feminists. In effect, the [gender feminist] lack a grass roots consituency. They blame a media "backlash" for the defection of the majority of women. But what really happen is clear enough: The [gender feminist] have stolen "feminism" from a mainstream that had never acknowledged their leadership. The women currently manning--womanning--the feminist ramparts do not take well to criticism. How could they? As they see it, they are dealing with a massive epidemic of "male atrocity" and a constituency of [benighted] women "who have yet to comprehend the seriousness of their predicament. Hence, male critics must be "sexist" and "reactionary", and female critics "traitors", "collaborators", or "backlashers". And so this kind of reaction has had a powerful inhibiting effect because it has, in many instances, alienated and silenced women and men alike. And I notice this trend in my own job every single day. American women owe an incalculable debt to the classically liberal feminist who came before them and fought long and hard, and ultimately with spectacular success, to gain for women the same right that the men in this country had taken for granted for more than two hundreds years. But I don't think that exposing the bigotry and hypocracy of the [gender feminist] will place in peril those achievements.
  • The word equal has been twisted over the years to more closely mean dominance or superiority. From my perspective, groups that cry for equality in treatment and opportunity are really looking for ways to create advantages for themselves through passing laws and warping societal norms. Women have every opportunity to equal or (through excellence and hard work) surpass their male counterparts.
  • I would answer, but my wife says we can have sex now, so see ya, OK IM FROM CLAREMONT CA, Home to Ben Harper, Barry Morrow-(RAIN MAN)-the
  • M&F are different from biology. We will never be equal in the sense that we will have the same strengths and weaknesses. I have no problem with women who are capable handling traditionally men's tasks/jobs. But I also think there will be less of them that want too. And visa versa. Modern Feminism is flawed that it looks at political goals (like $ for $ parity with men) rather than looking at reality (like that women will make other professional choices).
  • If you ask the average man or woman today, apparently they're equal, and they don't need feminism. That doesn't chang the fact they're ignorant consumers who accept reality with question and justify this with the 'positive thinking' ethos.
  • As 23Skidoo says, males and females are different, and while those differences shouldn't be ignored, they should also not dominate the relationships people have. I believe men and women are equivalent, rather than equal. I have a science background, so I tend to use 'equal' in a very specific way. For me, 'equivalent' is the right word to describe that women and men are not exactly the same, but for the majority of purposes gender is an irrelevant factor. I find it difficult to form a universal opinion on feminism, since there seems to be a wide variety of definitions about what it actually is. To me, to strive for gender equivalence (or equality, or however you want to describe it), is a perfectly honorable cause, and is worth supporting. I am conscious, though, that since I'm male I may not realise when that state has been achieved, or whether more work is left to be done. I'm not on the receiving end, after all, so it's harder for me to see the discrimination. At the same time, I'm aware that actively searching for such discrimination can lead to false positives - perception of discrimination where there is none. The aspects that are concerned with self discovery and self improvement also seem a worthwhile endeavour. The 'angry militant' approach that some other answers have commented on seems to be destructive to me, but I'm also aware that it's more a product of environment rather than cause; it's easy to find people with such attitudes in any politically or socially charged group.
  • Feminism has become a rebel without a cause. So, Women have at least equal rights and in some cases superior rights. So, to get sympathy and further their cause feminists use lies and misleading statistics. For example, we hear so much about wife beaters, when the fact is women are just as abusive. Feminism wants to portray men as always the evil perpetrators and women as the innocent victims, when that is not always true. But, they successfully created VAWA and a federal agency and hundreds of state, local, and non profit organizations to reinforce the idea that men are never the victims, only women. That's just one example of feminist hypocrisy.
  • they overdid it shuda stopped when they had it but... they just kept going on and on down to the smallest details and now they've lost all credibility...
  • my version of an edumacated answer....: small minded sandeypussy bitches
  • I think it's highly destructive and unnatural to a womans' psyche. In the bigger picture it may be necessary to go through it in order to desire the true things of the heart. Until then I think it ravages plows and destroys that which was once honorable innocent and meek. Women aren't ugly, the effect it has on women is ugly. I'm talking on the inside first, as it manfifests itself on the outside. Men need to be willing to get back into their God-given role model as leader, but ladies this is without a big fat ego, this is just how we've been built.
  • I think centuries of being treated as second-class citizens resulted in a swing too far the other way, and now I think the pendulum is beginning to settle nearer the middle, which is where it should be - true equality, wherever and whenever possible.
  • Men and women have the same right and are worth the same.So i think feminism is idiotic like phallocracy is.
  • I'm not in favor. No matter how you slice it, any "ism" that represents one slice of humanity is there to seek advantages for that slice at the expense of the rest - no matter what they may claim. . I prefer co-operation, respect, common courtesy and common sense. . I a woman can handle the job of fireman and wants it - let her. If a man can handle the job of teacher or nurse and wants it - let him. But in general I think there are some gender differences in jobs we seek - I've never seen a little girl fascinated by workmen digging a hole and I know very few girl geeks. Don't force it. .
  • I think it at its root it tends to undermine the value of real love in ones' life. I think it has a nasty ugly affect on women. I think it is an overcorrection on a culture that used to be run predominantly by men. I also believe that we desperately need to get back to the things of God and to fall in love again and have honest respectable hard working families. Feminism is rooted in hate, and thus is not good for themselves or society.
  • as a woman i totally agree that the feminist theology of the 70's is now distorted and abused by many women..this makes me sad as the entire ideal was to make both sexes aware of their differences and how we could work together to overcome social stereotypes about how women were portrayed at the time...the entire doctorine should be revised and updated :O) ...and yes i am a woman lol
  • a solution in search of a problem
  • VAWA defines the abusers as male and victims as female. Not just the title, but the entire text demonizes males as ALWAYS the abuser and never the victim. The wording and spirit of the law is misandristic as are its supporters. If you go to any feminist website, you will find 100% support for the gender specific wording of the law.   Every feminist I've ever discussed this with rationalizes away and minimizes the misandristic inequality, as you just like you just did.In fact, they don't even see or acknowledge the misandry of it. That's how systemic misandry is within feminism.   Not every feminists has bad intentions; but, the biased culture of feminism tends to blind otherwise non-sexist people into supporting unequal laws and policies.
  • They don't seem to like men or femininity. I keep my distance.

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