• YES (lol)
  • No, he believes in the Flying Spaghetti Monster :)
  • nope, he's German, lmbo
  • I'm goint to posit a venture that he is Catholic.
  • yeah he is but he's also a nazi and he's got scary eyes lol
  • Is the sky blue?
  • I can only assume this is a rhetorical question.
  • Yes and bears DO sh*t in the woods.
  • I believe that is a fundamental occupational requirement.
  • 1) Yes, but some people want to be more Catholic than he is. 2) "Benedict XVI is a well-known Roman Catholic theologian and a prolific author, a defender of traditional Catholic doctrine and values." Source and further information:
  • A person cannot be pope and not Catholic. It's against the rules and conditions for the conclave.
  • if he is, and he sings mass, but no one is there to hear it, did he really make a sound...?
  • Yes. Being Catholic is one of the requirements. Any baptized male Catholic can be elected Pope. Although the chances of a non-cardinal being elected is very small. If the person elected is not yet a bishop, then he is ordained a bishop before accepting the office of the Papacy. With love in Christ.
  • And a Nazi. My 2 cents.
  • He is ROMAN Catholic. The definition of the word catholic is much broader...and means someone who is involved in the conservative christian belief.
  • You know, that is a good question. Of course the pope is Catholic, since Catholic - the word - means, that which is widely believed. It seems to me that since he is the head of Christitanity, he is head of all Christian churches. But that is not so. Because so many of them have wandered off the true path and gone their own way. This is where the antichrist enters into our lives. Protestants, please don't become offended. Jesus says we will receive according to our faith. That means that if you truly believe what you DO believe, you are saved through the blood of Jesus. If you have qualms about being protestant, as I have developed - you had better follow your conscience. It is not the good Christian members of protestant churches who will be in trouble with God so much as the people who taught what is not true. Wandering away from the Catholic Church has had me studying Christianity among many denominations. They all pointed the way back to the original church. It was hell for me to keep running into brick walls in my search for truth. At this point I am still a Lutheran. I believe in this church so much that I think they should be called Catholic Lutherans. But again, this could be the antichrist working in my life. I now SEE that there are seven sacraments, and our Lutheran church only has three. I now SEE that we should not have the audacity to question the pope. We are peons, and think we know it all. We know nothing but what God chooses to reveal to us through His perfect church. The Catholic church's teachings have never changed since Jesus handed over the authority to heaven and hell to it. This is why there is so much fighting and division in the protestant churches. God is the same yesterday, today and for eternity. He is perfect and does not change. Neither do His laws - as the CAtholic Church refuses to go the way of the world. God bless us all!
  • If anybody fits the description of devil worshiper, man, that pope dude is it!
  • If he isn't, well, wouldn't that religion be embarrassed!
  • Na he's an Atheist who is playing a big prank. lol
  • Nope. I have it in good authority that he is actually a Muslim but posing as a Catholic to get more votes
  • Since you're using a lower-case c, then you don't mean "Catholic" as in member of the Roman Catholic Church, but "catholic" as in "universally applying to everyone," and so the answer is no. He isn't everybody's pope.
  • Actually NO is the Correct Answer! Well...Yes works too. First, "Pope" simply means "Father", is he??? A Father...Not that we can Prove. Second "catholic" simply means "Universal", is he "Universal"??? NO! With that here then is a "Site" that does a good job of explaining the Lies. Enjoy!!! John
  • No. Bears are.
  • Good point, Suzy. I came on to read some of Barjacob's answers. I like the way he explains things.
  • No, he's Hindu, you idiot. What kind of moron would give points for that question? Let's hear from you morons?
  • Yes he is Catholic, But he doesn't have to be non-Catholics are always saying what Catholics belive

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