• Because they're mexican and that's how they roll.
  • They're Mexican?
  • Because they are embarrassed for ppl to see their true identity???
  • It's part of the show. I always believed the reason some tape their hands, wear knee braces, masks, make up, shiny shoes, etc., is so the audience in the upper levels can recognize them better, making it easier to keep up with the match. Or to recognize them better when they come to interfare with the happenings.
  • Because it's part of their mystic, their role in the wrestling world. They could also be a famous athlete who turned wrestler and don't want to be recognized.
  • for the same reason some superheros wear their underwear over their pants.....they're ugly and their mom dressed them funny.
  • Because it's part of their character. It's especially common in Mexican and Japanese professional wrestling.
  • The mask is worn to conciel the wrestlers identity for a number of reasons and varying lengths of time.It also allows the babyface (good guy)to wrestle as a heel and heel (bad guy) to wrestle as a babyface in another identity. it has nothing to do with looks as most famious wrestlers have donned the mask at one or more times in their career (Abismo Negro is quite handsome out of his mask and Terry Taylor was quite handsome when not in his masked id), the mask is also wore to honor and carryon a mentors legacy and as part of an important cultural tradition (Mexico). The Cape and the robe is worn for an image of regal bearing, of richness nobility claim, superhero or super villian look, and it adds to the over all mystery of the look and adds stylishness. It all adds to the mystery and helps the audience get a greater grasp of the wrestlers character and intent in the ring.
  • Back in the older days, they did it because they didn't want people they worked or socialized with to know who they really were. Now, it's the "mystique", or maybe they're really ugly! ;-)
  • probably to protect themselves from getting hurt

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