• Yes - it took me AGES to find a good set of instructions to do this, though we have not done it yet. You will need a circular saw to cut the door and you will need to reset the hinges as a standard door has three and you will need four (two sets top and bottom) and you will need to be able to re-drill in the frame for a latch set in each top and bottom or replace that strip of frame. It is not an easy task for a beginner DYI'er, but someone with at least SOME experience could handle it.
  • Yes although it would cost you an arm and a leg.
  • Possibly if it is a good quality SOLID wood door. But be aware that it will never seal as well at the joint even with weather stripping. You will need kit to rout out the new placement for the hinges and locksets for the doors. You can usually find those at a DIY place, all together.
  • Just make your S.O. pay for 1/2 of it. Boom. Dutch.

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