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  • popy seeds won't show THC. That comes from Cannabis. But they might show positive opiates.
  • Due to the many "false" positives for opiates in urine screens due to the poppy seeds in breads and rolls the detectable level for the enzyme has been raised so high that it is now impossible for a food product to now be detected as a false positive for opiates in a urine screen. DO NOT WORRY EAT UP If you are a smoker of hemp and have at least 24 hrs notice of when you "may" be tested a urine screen can be beat 100% of the time if you follow a certain ritual that a MD shared with me a while back in my hay day, I'm not going to go into this unless you ask because I am not sure of the nature of this question????????
  • There are a few myths out there that claim you can rid the body of THC, things such as drinking vinegar will raise the PH of the blood and is a dangerous thing to do in a hospital as well as outside of one DONT DO THIS!!! The way to beat the urine screen is to understand how it works? Lets say you have a test that can detect THC at 50 drops in 55 gals of liquid, if you could raise the water level to 65 gallons then the 50 drops are no longer detectable. This is the basic principle of the urine screen, and how you beat it. THC is stored in the fat cells and slowly released through the month if you are a chronic user. So by now you have realized that not puffing is not the purpose of this post?? First I will say that you should first consult a MD before under taking this procedure as I did. If you have at least 24 hrs of notice before a drug urine screen then there is no reason to ever worry of a hot result?? By drinking as much water as you can the night before the drug screen you will be raising your bodies water level. 1/2 - 1 gallon is OK more if you can. Then in the morning using a water pills such as Lasix 40mg 2 tabs will and making sure you urinate at least 4 times ( trust me this will not be a problem) you will have expelled that days released THC in that flushing leaving the next urine's THC undetectable.You will be safe for most of this day. If you cant get Lasix drinking copious amounts of coffee will provide the deretic action needed but the Lasix works best. It is a good idea to eat a few bananas to make up for the loss in potassium from all the water expelling. Oh yes don't forget to roll a few for that day's lunch time break There is a root you can buy from a health store but how this works is by the large amounts of fluids it has you drinking, I forget what it is called but I know it is a root and it cost 10 15 $ a bottle but since I learned of this way I have not wasted my money on that as it is the water in the system and the am flushing that makes it work anyway A BLOOD TEST IS A DIFFERENT STORY!!! But due to the cost the blood test is not given, but if I wanted to know who was hot I would give a BLOOD TEST ONLY, so its a good thing I am not your boss isn't it?? party on
  • no. poppies don't have thc. that would be pot.
  • As a former public defender I will tell you, it shows up as heroin not cannibis. Requires very few to show up on a standard urine test.
  • no poppy seeds come up as opium.

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