• Weren't they collectively termed the "allies"?
  • The Allies - Belgium Australia Britain Canada India New Zealand Newfoundland Sth Africa Japan France Greece Italy Montenegro Serbia Portugal Romania Russia USA Albania Andorra Armenia Bolivia Brazil China Costa Rica Cuba Czeckoclovakia Ecuador Guatemala Liberia Haiti Honduras Nicaragua Panama Peru San Marino Siam Uruguay
  • The Allies
  • I think it was the allies....but for some reason I think it was The Justice League.
  • The Entente Powers: " The Entente Powers initially consisted of France, the United Kingdom, Russia, and their associated empires and dependencies. Numerous other states joined these allies, most notably Italy in April 1915, and the United States in April 1917. The Central Powers, so named because of their central location on the European continent, initially consisted of Germany and Austria-Hungary and their associated empires. " Source and further information: Further information:
  • they were nown asd the triple entrente
  • It was the Hatfields vs the McCoys, if I recall correctly.
  • not sure, never heard of them

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