• the pope
  • Hey Chris, Matt and I were like this like 2 hours ago.
  • well a troll would be a creature that looks like my ex boyfrind
  • I am totally indifferent to them..I ignore them..I don't personally know anyone who is..however, I think if you check the percent of positive ratings on AB members' profiles, some are in the low 80's..I even saw one that was 73% positive..perhaps a Troll in disguise? :)
  • I'll only address the AB-trolls here: those are for me users who are giving a lot of down ratings. I never give down ratings, because I know that people don't like to get down rated. I don’t like it either. I consider that if a submission is not a case for flagging, it is generally better than no submission. So the most that I shall do is not to rate it. Even if I consider some submissions, though neither spam/offensive nor nonsense, as particularly silly, I often observe that many other people don't and give them points. So those submissions must be somehow useful. I can understand very well that many people still want to use down ratings in some extreme cases. But the lower an user's "% + ratings given" is, the more I would consider them as a troll. However, I would also have a look at their level. Low level users could have still given very few ratings and not understood why doing a lot of down ratings is unpopular. I would eventually point at it. Except if I am the target of a specific attack, I usually don't bother much about trolls. And I also don't have any interest to keep track of them. I just forget them and give them a chance to behave better in the future. I don't think that there are a lot of real trolls, anyway; there are rather some people who have a trolling behavior which has usually been triggered by something that you just have done. This could also show me if I have been too provocative sometimes. But I won't let them hinder me to use my freedom of speech.
  • That horrible creature who terrorised the Billy Goats Gruff...till he got stamped on!!
  • Fifty-FOUR percents?!
  • I cant think of one.
  • i dont know her nanme but she has an ugly avatar hahaha
  • THE YAHOO ANSWERS STAFF! They come to AB to troll new members in hopes that they switch to YAHOO! IM ON TO THEM >.<
  • These guys...
  • The names of all the trolls are kept deep in the bowels of the Castle of Kevonia, locked away in the King's treasury.
  • Possibly Ronnie James Dio, but he's a good troll.
  • I am the PINK Troll in the Tutu pinging points at those unjustly D/R'd. :P
  • I know some forums that came on AB to ask fake/silly/stupid questions and comments only to troll and have some fun; however, I don't know of any specific screen names. I don't pay attention to trolls - it is easier that way.

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