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  • yes.. i walked in on my friend.. she didnt notice me so i just backed out and walked in a bit louder 5 minutes later... i felt very awkward.. havnt told her...
  • Yes, both male and female. I just watched, and got mine out and joined them. With the female, didn't need to finish myself, nor did she!
  • Yes, I once walked in on my cousin while she was masturbating, and I asked her if I could stay to watch her finish, and I did.
  • I saw a guy masturbating at the beach which isn't quite the same thing I guess. I don't know what I would do if I did walk in on someone like a brother or sister but I really would like to find out.
  • My brother just walked in on me while i was masturbating, i was so embarrassed and him and his girlfriend are making fun of me now.
  • I walked in on my step sister and watched her, she didnt know i was there but saw me leave after she was done
  • I walked in on my friend, I watched for a few minutes, and then he asked if I wanted to help. I finished him off with a blow job.
  • sounds like one hell of a nice cousin. great story.
  • could you see her hymen?
  • Many many times. When I was just a kid my brother and I shared the same bedroom. In fact we shared the same bed. I was continually sexually molested by him. He would not only make me watch him masturbate but made me masturbate him as well. I even had to give him oral sex and he continually stretched my anal spincter muscle until I was big enough to take the head of his cock. In time he gave me oral sex as well and I would literally have dry orgasms. So yes, my experience was one no one should have to go through. It has surely affected my life in many ways.
  • Yes, my younger nephew and his friend were spending the week end ... The friend was sleeping on the couch and I got up during the night to get some water . I walked by the living room door and he had pushed the covers down and was masturbating away ... He looked up and saw me ... grined and kept on going.
  • no i haven't
  • I am a truck driver and I watch guys masturbate while they drive all the time. Many guys on the highway pass me slowly so i can see. I sometimes give a toot or a thumbs up and stay on the passenger side of the view. Most guys blow a load as soon as a I rev the engine a bit
  • i walked in on my younger brother the other day. he was startled but i calmed him down. we then jerked off together. my sister once saw me but i didnt see her until i got up to get tissues to wipe the cum off of me. she took a pic and told me she wouldnt delete it unless i jerked off again for her. so i did.
  • yes many times thru the years , depends on who as to my reaction mostly i just watch and see what happens
  • Yes, I walked in on my wife's niece one afternoon when I came home early from work. She did not know I was home and was in our bed. When I walked in the room she was lying on her stomach with her legs spread really wide and both hands were between her legs, and she was humping up and down on her hands/fingers. She was really moaning and breathing hard, and when I walked in she was just starting to cum. I could'nt turn away and she did'nt see me until she was finished her cum and I was trying to sneak back out of the room
  • I am a guy and back when I was in high school I walked in on my best friend masturbating. She didn't freak out or anything, (I think she was way too into it to stop!) we both started giggling and she asked me if I wanted to lick her fingers. I had never even seen a girl naked at that point but I said OK. They were very wet, and covered with a lot of her cum. It was delicious! After I licked her fingers she continued to finger herself until she finally came, and then she let me lick her fingers again. She got dressed and we went downstairs to watch TV. We used to laugh about that day all the time.
  • I caught my brother and decided to "help" him finish. I was about 12, he was 14... we played with each other many times after that until I was 16. It was very deep, very loving, and neither of us has been hurt by the experience. No, we never "went all the way." But BJs, cunnilingus, deep fingering--everything else.
  • I saw all the naughty bits, she was 11 and i was 16

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