• it all depends on the guy. beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  • everyone looks the same when you turn off the light =)
  • Not really, it all depends on the guy. We all have our types. As a pale girl, I envy your complexion though. :)
  • On a purely biological level it also depends on your phermone output. Beauty is familiarity. The more someone looks like everyone else you've seen the better. Symetary is also a factor
  • That is outrageously attractive to me.
  • WOW! You think you're not gorgeous! :P
  • I've been attracted to both of those in the past. Looks are just a starting point. Once you get past that... Well, they just aren't so important anymore. (At least not to the people I know.) Just remember: "You don't love her because she is beautiful, she is beautiful because you love her."
  • I adore Afghan Hounds! You are my type of dog!
  • Oh my gosh you are so beautiful. If you think that all guys what is a blonde with blue eyes you are totaly wrong or you are hanging out with wrong king of guys. Some really good looking guys won't even look at a blonde.
  • If you work in a resteraunt you dont eat there! if most of the men you mix with mainly see women with long black hair, big brown eyes with long eyelashes and olive skin they wont pay much attention. dont think blond and blue eyes are more attractive - I DONT.
  • My eyes aren't big and I don't have the long eyelashes yet a lot of men find me attractive even though most women in my local area have naturally blonde hair and light blue or grey blue eyes. I think it's the difference they're attracted to and I don't feel all that flattered when their attraction is based on some different/exotic attractiveness the men perceive in me. A lot of the local women feel plain at best and often think of themselves as ugly even though many other white people in countries where blondes are less common find them attractive simply because the local women in my area have a relatively uncommon hair color and eye color. They aren't flatttered either when they're on vacation and the local men pay their hair and eyes too much attention.
  • I think that is very beautiful and I'm a 16 year old guy
  • Both are beautiful. I'll go with a Blonde with blue eyes, long eyelashes, and a tan.

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