• What happened?
  • Yes, fear is among the most powerful emotions and can cause a myriad of physical symptoms. Increased fear (usually associated with childhood trauma) can cause permanent re-wiring of the brain, so to speak.
  • Yeah! I have had that happen to me a couple of times! What happened?
  • Yes. I have no idea where the person I love the most is and none of his friends that I have asked do, either. :(
  • Yes, the first time I did a military parachute jump. Surprisingly enough, it wasn't when I came under fire. I suppose I was to focused to be very afraid.
  • Yes, any time I feel a loved one may be in danger this horrible feeling washes over me and I can't even function. Most recently, when my little grandson had a mysterious illness it just leveled me.
  • Yes. Anytime either of my children slip out of my sight in a public place. The thought of anything happening to one of them paralyzes me and has made me physically ill.
  • yes many times, in abusive situations and when my children have got hurt,or disappeared out of sight.
  • Absolutely. Thankfully I can count those rare occasions on one hand.
  • Yeah, stage fright in a sound check... but was oddly fine when the actual performance came around. Also I have had nightmares that have disturbed me to the point of sickness and thats all i can think of right now...
  • A few times, yes. Most notably was when I was 16 and I thought I had gotten my girlfriend pregnant. Luckily, I was wrong, but in the days leading up to our absolution, I was so terrified that I actually threw up a couple of times.
  • I missed a law school exam (mischeduled it). Could have caused me to flunk out. They told me I had to speak to my dean but she was out that day! I had to try to sleep all night long, crying, getting up, getting back to bed. Stomache sick as hell.
  • I believe that physical effects occur during an episode of great fear, especially the ones spawned by extreme anxiety and the like, so that you don't go crazy. The brain sends signals to your body such as nausea, extreme fatigue, vomiting and the like so that you don't get lost in the fear, sort of like an automatic form of mutilation. It happened to me several times, and it's no fun but if I'm somewhat correct on what I explained I'm glad it happens because it gives you something else to concentrate on for a bit, while your brain recollects its thoughts. It can cause some weird things. I had to go to juvenile court when I was 16 for shoplifting cosmetics, and was so worried about the court session and what would happen that I almost lost my notion of time. I had to be there at one in the afternoon, and the night before I went to sleep at around nine, worried as hell. I woke up at one in the morning and what like SHIT I'M LATE! I started to get ready real fast, and didn't even realize it was dark out until my foster parents came out of their room and were like, what ARE you doing?
  • Once or twice in my life. It makes your knees weak and it's just a bad scene all around. I wish no one to feel this. I would like to add that you cannot concentrate or focus and it makes you feel like it's all coming to an end. It is a dreadful panic that is completely uncontrollable.
  • yes i had gotten into a fight w/one of my parents and they called the cops on me i was sitting in the garage crying and i could see the cop circling around looking for me i was so scared that i shake and my head started to throb real bad
  • hope that isn’t anxiety. :P don’t ever let fear overcome you to that point. :s
  • I was called once to follow this friend of mine that just got his license to fly solo so I could film him... The day was very wind and the plane he got for us was this very small plane that we ware sholder to sholder... I thought that was my last hour in this earth. I got so sick that I cant even talk about. I saw death so close that I could smell it.

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