• cloverfield-we would have found out more about the creature and what happend after the bombs dropped
  • um, i don't remember the name, but it featured nicole kidman and tom cruise. tom cruise was supposed to die, and as the camera was zooming away from his face and into the sky, it suddenly zipped back up close to tom, and he came back to life! i think he should have died to make the movie's impact a little more serious...
  • I thought "No Country for Old Men" had a weird ending. I don't really know how i would have ended it, but definitely not like that. It definitely left us all hanging.
  • White Noise. That movie had my attention till the ending. After that, I was just aggrivated that I sat through two hours of movie for that. I would have ended it any way but that way. Seriously, it's like they sat down and thought up the worst possible ending to a movie.
  • the program.... worst ending ever.

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