• Books are always more detailed. Filling in a lot of blanks movies leave out to save time. The movies are never as graphic detailed but adds visual effects the book doesn't have. Reading the book first will always allow you to enjoy the movie better, than watching the movie and finding out the details later in the novel.
  • Maybe. It's starting to get pretty close. I'm just hoping that they can pull it off. They already have about three scenes(sorry if i spelled that wrong I'm really tired) wrong. ex. He doesn't tell her about his age in the forest, he tells her in the car.
  • I don't see how, and if it is, they are going to have to make, New Moon and Eclipse also, it's one big story!!
  • The movie was really good but the book was definitely the best!! It was really detailed in the book, too. Although the book and movie were pretty different, the whole twilight cast pulled it off!!
  • the movie is amazing !! you have put how great the book WAS! it still is great! i like both the book and film ! maybee the movie is slightly better because i dont like to use my imagination much im not that good at that sort of thing . and maybbe the book is better because it is more detailed and the story is easier to understand ... because it says what bella is thinking hoope this helps youu xxx
  • Hardly any of the book and the movie were the same. That's what frustrated me the most. Well that and Kristen Stewart as Bella. She was horrible.
  • Yes, it's great.=)
  • i watched the film before i read the books i thought the film was brill but compared to the books it makes the film ok adding scences that were never in the book n taking out scenes that should of bin in there. they edited the film so much it hardly represents the book.

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