• Depends greatly on culter and if you have the fetish or not. Many years ago, one of the korean countries took it one step too-far by having the women 'fold' their feet into very small shoes...
  • I would say ...not. Now I could ofcourse be totally wrong...actually thinking about it if somone had a foot problem that caused them to smell constantly that could be an issue.
  • Very low on the totem pole.
  • Very low. like the feet.
  • They rate No. 4. The face, the personality, the body and then the feet.
  • I never leave home without 'em.
  • OK -- HOw about with shoes ON! I bet there are many woman who are looking at our "feet" in shoes. C'mon women -- help me out here. Are you all trying to say you do not notice and that it is not a little higher in the pecking order? Since this is supposed to be an answer -- I will just say in my experience as a metro-sexual man, it is very important to have stylish, well polished shoes if I want to make a good impression.
  • Pretty well up there seeing as how I do have a foot fetish. if a girl's feet look like she kicks fire hydrants or is poosibly related to hobbits that is definately a major deal killer.
  • 2-22-2017 Everything stands or falls on feet! But what is this "pecking order of attraction" of which you speak?

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