• hi if you have a beauty suplly store check out the products they ahve there for the texture of your hair, i know there smething called frizz-ease that works with a hair dryer but i believe that if you go to a beauty supply store, like sally beauty supply, or anyone in your area they can recommend you so you dont go wasting money n products that dont work. also theres something called Bed Head after party that smooths down the hair and gives it a free and go flattening fly away kind of look. Hope this helps a bit. Good Luck.
  • Well, the only way to avoid frizz in very course and wiry hair with a blow dryer is high heat and a round brush. But... a good product to protect your hair from that high heat is Redkin's heat glide, Rusk Staight Looks and Sleek looks serum (applied to wet hair). When you blow dry your hair section it off and use a round brush with your hair dryer. Your hair dryer should have come with a nozzle attachment. What you want to do is attach the nozzle, take the section of hair you are doing first place your round brush under the hair close to the scalp (like you were going to curl your hair under) and blow your hair in a down ward position. For the hair closest to the scalp which is usually the curliest, place the round brush on top of the section and pull the hair out straight, then go down that part with the nozzle. That round brush should be about three inches down from your scalp and held firmly making the hair straighten at the scalp while you move the dryer from scalp to brush. Think of your hair like the scales of a fish, if you direct the air flow down this will close the cuticle in the hair and help avoid frizz. Going over the section from scalp to ends until the hair is dry is how stylist get even the frizziest hair straight and sleek. If your hair is still a bit too puffy for you, use a heat protector usually in spray form, one is made by Aquage and one by Matrix and re-section hair using the spray on top and bottom of the section and then go over each section with a flat iron. Once you acheive the style you like you can keep it like that longer by avoiding running your fingers through your hair and wearing a shower cap while bathing. Next time you go to your salon, go in for just a wash and blow out and have your stlist show you what products she is using and how she is blowing your hair out. Go to a salon that offers a blow out style as a single service, these salon stylists have to be good at blowing curly hair straight because the style is itself an actual service and not just part of a hair cut. Make sure you ask a stylist for a blow style so they don't take the easy way out and blow your hair like you could do at home and then just over it with a hot iron. Hope this is helpful, and because blowing your own hair can be difficult (even for me and I'm a stylist) show this to a friend and have them help you.
  • Ue the conair infinity. I would recommend getting a relaxar.
  • try revo, its an all in one brush with blow dryer, polisher and a brush.. plus condition (make it stay for 5 minutes or more) your hair well and everyday.
  • You can use blowdryer like conair and use sabino product is excellent for frizzy hair, Your hair will stay straight all day, is a promise.

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