• umm well it really does depend. for some it may work but for others not so much. for some people the vinegar doesnt travel to the roots or the weeds and say it jut burns their plants. u can try it but roundup i think will end uo being cheaper
  • it just kills the leaves
  • Vinegar’s strong acidic content can dry or burn the leaves of plants, which proves to be fatal when applied in high doses. Naturally, vinegar can be used to kill the weeds in your garden. Just be careful not to splash it onto your garden plants. source:
  • Yes. Some types are easier to kill than others. However, vinegar is rather expensive. Roundup works good, but I do not use it in my vegetable garden because in the past I saw evidence of long term soil poisoning by using too much of it for too long. I used Preen to control weeds in my vegetable garden and some vegetable plants seemed to be stunted by it so I quit. OrthoGrow with weed preventer has worked well for me among onions, which are hard to week otherwise. Alas, the best thing to do is pull or hoe the weeds. Weeds that come up from seeds can generally be killed by hoeing them, esp when young. Weeds like Johnson Grass or Nut Grass spread runners underground and have to be dug out by the roots, or killed to the roots with Roundup or such, which may take more than one application. I have read about blow torch devices you can use to burn weeds away, but have not tried them. I'm tempted to, but I imagine that is not very economical.
  • yes it works really good :)

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