• My guess is, in 5 years, everyone will access the internet thru their cell-phones. Just a guess.
  • they will have become sentient and decided to wipe out you illogical puny humanz!!!! 0001010101010100010010010010101010101010101010100101! This message was generated by the sentient programs for the the destruction of silly mammals organization
  • They will make the best gaming machine built today look like an Apple IIe.
  • Apparently, when the PlayStation 5 finally arrives, it will be as powerful as the human brain. If thats what a games console will be like, imagine what real computer geeks will come up with!!!!!
  • Smaller,lighter,more compact,very high memory,less buttons,user friendly,all WiFi,voice interaction and command,longer power reserve, > than 5 cores,fire & water proof.virus free,artificial intelligence respond ; virtually you need not use too much of your brain.Probably it might not be too soon for computers to be able to walk (robotic), then it will be very scary.
  • Computers in five years will be much faster.
  • In five years, Apple will still be a secondary thought that few ever bother to consider. Windows 7 will rule the roost.
  • Normally, computers have doubled in processing every 18 months, but others say that the rate of acceleration itself is accelerating, so it's now every 12. For now, I'll average them together to 15. That will equate to 4 doublings in 5 years. I don't know how much a 4 GHz (2 GHz Dual-Core) PC costs today but at this rate, a 64 GHz PC will cost the same by 2013. I don't plan on replacing this computer I bought for ~$3300 in August 2007, until at least 2010. (Dell Inspiron 1720 2.2 GHz Intel Core-2-Duo, 4 GB of RAM, 462 GB of total HD space, Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit OS) So 30 months down from the month of purchase is February 2010. By then, the laptop will have depreciated to a quarter of its original worth - about $825. Therefore, if I wanted to buy a computer for $1000 with at least twice as much of these vital specs as this one, I'd have to wait until around November 2010 to make the purchase. February 2010 value of this laptop = $825. 500/825 = 60.6060...% 0.6060.../15 = 9.0909... months. February 2010 + 9 months = November 2010. The laptop will be worth $500 in November 2010 therefore, a new laptop with exactly twice the power will cost $1,000 that month.
  • It seems the trends are going wireless/lighter/smaller/faster. I've heard rumors that the computer industry is looking to eliminate the keyboard completely. They feel like it's an expensive peice of hardware that isn't necessary. I think within 5 years they will probably achieve that goal. They already have some early laser keyboards. Expect much much much more wireless. That's what the industry is sort of gearing towards. They want you to be able to place hardware near your computer and have it automaticially work. I'm talking everything, monitors, speakers, cameras, whatever. I'm thinking wireless is the future. I just set up a wireless network at home. It's faster then my old cable hook up. I couldn't believe it.

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