• If you are really lucky, you have a "Non-interference" engine and all that will happen is that the engine will stop running. These will be perfectly fine if you just install a new timing belt. However, you may have an "Interference" engine. In that case you will cause some valve damage (bent valve stems), and may also inflict some piston damage (from hitting the valves). It is also possible to cause damage to the cylinder head, cylinder walls, and/or camshafts. When the belt breaks on an interference engine, it is quite expensive to repair; many hundreds of dollars. It always ends in tears. My friends Golf III snapped the timing belt. Cost her $1500. That's more than my last three cars combined!
  • I like JERVINATOR's answer and he has a sense of humor. You really know how to make a grown man/woman cry...
  • we might be in trouble

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