• Ah I hope not :( Now I'm imagining people on bikes, wearing leather jackets, punching computers. But seriously, I'd be extremely disappointed if there were. Things seem to go straight over my head, though. I always miss drama.
  • I hope not. There was on YA, that's why I left there. If they come here, I'm leaving.
  • Gangs? Not that I personally know of. I've encountered a thug or two but most of them act alone. It is seldom I find a group of negative people acting together, maybe I've been lucky (?)
  • So far, only individual users have picked on me. Nothing to worry about, just turn off your computer. Feedback is pretty useless.
  • I don't know of any and I sure hope there aren't any.
  • Yes there are. But they don't go around advertising...that would defeat the purpose of ganging up on other users.
  • I don't know, but I suspect there are. Every few days or so I will get a spate of downrates (-1s, -2s and -3s) usually right after my % points for answers given reaches 98%. Along they come and knock it back down to 97% every single time. But that's about the extent of my being "picked" on. LOL..they are easily entertained, huh? Simple minded little critters that they are. ;-)
  • POLICE is here, Gang task force, execute into play.
  • Not really gangs. It's more like couples.
  • Gangs? More like duos. I have gotten a two different couples Husband/wife, gf/bf that like to tag team me when I step on one of their toes. I think it is sweet that they stick up for each other(rolling my eyes) Maybe I should make my hubby join..hmmmm..Nah I never would be a good bully, I feel too bad when I disagree with someone!!!lol;)
  • Yeah, this is a frightened website. Over these users, over these posts, hangs a pall of fear. Fear of a new kind of violence, which is terrorising the website. Yes, gangs of old ladies are attacking defenceless fit young men.
  • gangs, cliques, groups...whatever you want to call them, they exist!
  • I hope not, besides the trolls.

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