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  • No, the smoke is more harmful in some ways.
  • yes its alot safer to smoke pot than ciggarets, altho smoking a joint is unfiltered smoke and can harm you, a bong or vaporizer is perfectly fine and wont hurt you
  • Cigarettes are worse for you than marijuana... Mostly because they fill tobacco up with tons of chemicals, whereas marijuana is a natural product.
  • In most ways, yes. Though I'm both anti drug, and anti cigarettes.
  • No, there is a higher rate of cancer of the sex organs from people who use marijuana than people who don't. And the reason i believe this is true, there was a woman that i worked with that had uterine cancer when she was only 22 years old and there was a guy that was 36 years old who had testicular cancer. Both of these people were heavy users of marijuana.
  • Cigarettes always made me want to cough after smoking then, MJ rarely had that effect. Cigarettes should be made illegal because they have no effect and MJ legal because they do. You are throwing your life away needlessly for smoking that weed known as tobacco.
  • there is no link between marijuana and lung cancer, unlike cigarettes which there is. the THC in marijuana is supposed to kill the mutated cells, and kill the ones that are dying/going bad, therefore eliminating a lot of risks.

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