• I think kid/child(s) face would be even more condescending. Baby face is by no means flattering (to me anyway), but I prefer it over child/kid. Kids and children are always plotting something evil, or at least trouble-some. Baby's can't.
  • Why do you think it sounds condesending? My sister is 63 and she still has a "baby face"'s round and she has a pug nose and she is cute as a button..still, after all these years. If someone said I had a "baby face" I would take it as a compliment..that would mean my face was virtually free of lines, my skin tone was great and I looked younger than my years. I am very sensitive to those who are condescending, patronizing and insulting..there is nothing about "baby face" that remotely engenders anything negative as far as I can tell! :)
  • Cause baby face is cuter.
  • Because it's very soft and smooth and joy to touch. When kids get older they have tougher skin and it isn't so smooth and sweet anymore.
  • I don't agree that it sounds condescending. A baby's face is more innocent, and the smile of a baby more lovely, than those of many adults, and who can not be impressed by the smoothness of a baby's skin? In any event, the so-called replacement terms mentioned by the question-asker are meaningless - they don't summon up any particular image.
  • 1-6-2017 "Babyface" has a pleasant rhythm that is lacking in the other two. Three syllables with accent on the first one sounds nice. Two syllables sounds like an insult. For example, the term used to be "chit faced", chit being a Scottish word for child. A child was called "little chit". Both terms are now mispronounced and used as insults.

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