• It's an urban legend and it doesn't work.
  • Many street lights are equipped with Traffic Signal Preemption systems like the 3M Opticom or the Tomar Strobecom. These systems enable emergency vehicles to change the traffic signals from Red to Green, and to change the traffic signals for others from Green to Red. This enables emergency vehicles to travel more quickly and more safely. These systems operate by means of a receiver mounted on the traffic signal and a transmitted mounted inside the emergency vehicle. The transmitter is an infrared light which is flashed at the receiver. The transmitter inside the vehicle may transmit a low-priority signal (10 Hz) or a high-priority signal (14 Hz). See link for more info, where this info can be found. In most states if not all flashing your highbeams to try to get the system to react in your favor may be illegal. Thusly front mounted strobe lights are illegal in many states.
  • They are correct about the sensors being operated on non-visable light and transmitters. The whole flashing your head lights and the maglite trick are completely psychological. Try this experiment. Watch an emergency vehicle go through an intersection. You will notice that the light changes immediately, with no delay. When you flash your lights, it takes a second or more, right? That's because it's just coincidence. The light was due to change anyway. Have you tried the same trick during the middle of the day? How's that work out for you? It's all in your mind. If it was based on visible light then the stop lights would be changing everytime someones headlights bounced, or vibrated....God forbid there's a pothole near the intersection!.....maybe next time you could just rub your lucky rabbit's foot...I know that's legal. Lol!
  • Yes, it is a crime punishable by a fine up to $5,000. If a person is injured as a result, it is a MINIMUM of a $5,000 fine (up to $10,000, and up to six months in jail). In addition, you can also get a variety of tickets, including driving without headlights (if at night), or failure to dim (if using high beams during the day). And FYI: despite your insistence that it works, IT DOESN’T. The only time it makes the light turn quicker is if the light is sensor controlled (which is usually the case after a certain time), and the sensor did not pick up your car as you approached.
  • Yes. It is a violation of California Vehicle Code 21464(a) - Interference With Traffic Devices - punishable by up to a $5,000 fine.
  • Interesting!!! :) Does anybody knows if that system is install in Europe? :)
  • not that i know of but it might be

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