• Well former BF. I sang to him-I want to spend my lifetime loving you, by Marc Anthony from the Mask of Zorro soundtrack.
  • Gave him lots of sex all the time, cook, clean all that good stuff.
  • Me and my ex-girlfriend had been going out a year to the day, but i had to work that night. When I arrived home my she'd had stick a post-it on the door saying "sorry i'll get you some more" and when I walked into the room the room was covered in post-its that said "I love you"
  • gave him a 1 hour back massage, then took him out for tea at a really nice cafe as we sipped it under neath the sunshine and talked about how much we love each other! :)
  • I surprised him with a trip to Spain for his bday. I blindfolded him, got him a week off of work, (without him knowing), and took him to a world famous skate spot in Barcelona. It was also for me, because It is so rewarding to give someone the world. (this was just last month!)
  • Leave him. I was always in his way. Its sad.
  • Make him my husband.
  • I borrowed his car and when he got it back, it had a new system in it.
  • I willingly gave him what no one else can have...
  • Drove 10 1/2 hours to surprise my then-fiance one time over July 4th weekend. Called him after I got into Chicago and told him how much I missed him and how I wished we could be together, but that I knew he'd have time to come down in August. Then 20 minutes later, I knocked on his door.
  • i wrote in a note book everyday for a month kinda like a diary about our relationship and all the sweet things he did and how they made me feel and how in love with him i am, and how attracted i am to him. and after the month i gave it to him with a card for valentines day and a bunch of other gifts
  • I baked him cookies. =D
  • We weren't official but we talked everyday on the phone. Our routine was every 11PM we'd take a 15 minute break to shower or get ready for bed...anyway for his birthday I made him a CD of his fave songs and when it was time for our 15 min. break, I drove like crazy to his house which was ironically 15 mins. away from mine...then I knocked on his door, handed him the CD, said happy birthday, gave him a kiss on the cheek and drove back home to continue talking with him on the phone! His reaction was priceless! He was speechless! LOL! We're just good friends now. We never became a couple. Hahahahaha!
  • I wrote im a poem and sent it to him so he would wake up to it.:-)+

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