• If it is in the States it might have something to do with some of our over the top fire codes.
  • haha. I've noticed this too. If you are using the bathroom(if a woman) then if the door opens you are looking out into the restraunt. I've noticed it in some stores too!! eek!!! I have also been in a woman's bathroom with two toilets in it with NOOOOO partition!! now THATS scary!!! haha.
  • I always thought it was to make the bathrooms wheelchair accessible.
  • I just figured it was a space saver type of thing. Most fast food places I've been to have somewhat small bathrooms. I figured they didn't really have another place to put it.
  • its the same with the mirror, the door opens and women are walking by and they can see right in and see the mirror image of the whole bathroom.
  • I saw that at Burger King the other day. A woman opened the door, and there was another lady, on a toilet FACING the door, but the sink and hand dryer were well hidden from view.
  • Lol. I just saw it again the other day at a pizza place;)
  • I think they are hoping that the lock is broken and the staff can get a free "peep show'. It's boring as hell working in a fast food joint. You really need a new hobby instead of being restroom inspector. LOL

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