• It doesn't. Religions, all of them, are perfect the way they are, It's religious people that make a mess of the whole thing. Mostly because they concentrate on what is different about someone else's religion, rather than what is the same.
    • Warren
      I'm offended by your answer(just kidding). It's true religions don't cause problems unless they teach their followers to cause problems. There are a small few religions that do that
  • According to the Bible, there is a very simple answer. Posing as an angel of light, Satan the Devil has misled millions into following his teachings rather than God's. (2 Corinthians 11:14) The apostle John showed that Satan's influence is so extensive that the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one. (1 John 5:19) John knew that Satan was misleading the entire inhabited earth. see Revelation 12:9. What have been the consequences of this? Satan has promoted religious systems that on the surface appear to be holy. They have a façade of religion, but their true condition is exposed by the evil fruitage they produce. see (2 Timothy 3:5, J. B. Phillips Matthew 7:15-20) Instead of helping to solve mankinds problems religion actually becomes part of the problem. Source cited scriptures and the Watchtower Magazine 2/15 2004 pages 4-7
  • Evil men will use any excuse to try to impose their will on others. Unfortunately, religion provides and easy excuse for such actions. If they did not have religion, then evil men would just find another excuse. So, it is not religions, so much, that are the problem. It is the corruption of religions to suit the purposes of evil men that is the problem.
    • Warren
      Interesting. Im a pagan (polytheistic religion that predates Christianity) and I have never imposed my religion onto others nor have I ever said that my religion is the only way or that it's the one true religion. You know who has though? Christians. While I do have a lot of Christian friends, two of which have told me to change to Christianity, i dont dislike them I just bring religion up in conversations I have with them. I also think it's weird that Christians would also set up locations (missions) to get people to change from their national religion to Christianity. So in your answer whom is the evil men?
    • Warren
      I meant to say I don't bring religion up in conversations with them. Haha typos
  • Because some people believe that their religion is the only "right one" Edit: Glen, people who speak english call the molecule H2O water. People who speak spanish call it agua. People who speak hebrew call it myme. Who is right. Just like different languages have different words for the same thing. So do different religions have different ways of having a relationship with God. But just like other religions are entitled to their beliefs you are entitled to yours. The problem occurs when we try to force our beliefs on others.
  • Dennis Prager "show clips" from (<> had a great take on this one. The first question any serious person has to ask about his religion is "Does your religion make you a better person?" I'd have to say yes--my parents tried hard to raise me right but I was mean and nasty anyhow and would have grown up to be a devil of a lot worse than I am without it. On the other hand, there are many whose religion obviously makes them worse--they bully their wives, beat their children, or blow themselves up in the middle of crowds. And Frederick Douglass, the great black abolitionist, said that in Southern "churchianity" the more pious the slaveowner the more vicious, sadistic and exploitative he was. Their hypocrisy didn't fool Douglass, though, and he himself was a sincere Christian.
  • I think it's because too many people take what is a system of belief and theologial philosophies and treat it as an absolute truth that must be imposed on others. Religion is not a club. It's a way of life for some and a guideline on how to live life. The variety of religions is not unlike the variety of ketchups or gasoline or lotions; everyone can have their favorite without making everyone else switch to it exclusively.
  • Why do politics cause so much trouble? Why does love cause so much trouble? Why does lust cause so much trouble? Why does greed cause so much trouble? Why does vanity cause so much trouble? Why does pride cause so much trouble? Why does money cause so much trouble? Why does Ignorance cause so much trouble? Because humanity chooses its paths by weighing options rather than animal instinct. Why does a child have to be a victim of violent crime? Because that child’s killer made the wrong choice. He/She could, just as easily have made the right choice. Humanity is unique among all life forms on this planet. It can choose between two paths, based on it’s knowledge of right and wrong. It KNOWS that actions which harm another human being are wrong. It knows that taking what doesn’t belong to it is wrong. We justify such actions, and in doing so, confess that our actions were wrong. One does not need to justify what is right. Religious terrorists justify their actions, saying “it’s the will of Allah.” Protestors justify throwing stones at soldiers with excuses like: “They kill babies,” or they’re the reason this war has dragged on.” They throw stones while protesting violence. A man justifies killing his wife’s lover, because he slept with his wife. The CEO of Enron justifies his actions by saying it was just business. The banking cartel that originally consisted of J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockerfeller, August Belmont (representative of the Rothschilds of England), Jacob Schiff (Of Kuhn, Loeb & Company), Paul Warberg, Charles Norton, along with Senator Nelson Aldrich, and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Abraham Piatt Andrew, justified their actions in creating the “Federal” Reserve, by saying that they could run the finances of the United States more effectively than the Constitutionally appointed Government. What, you didn’t know the Federal Reserve was a privately owned Central Bank? Well, if you didn’t know that, maybe you were also unaware that Central Banks only exist in Socialist countries. Hmmm, the United Socialist States of America? Meanwhile, I’m sure some of you who read this will justify your ignorance of that fact with some lame excuse like: “I never learned that in school,” or “I couldn’t have know that, it’s a secret!” The problem with that is, it’s not a well kept secret, and if you were really interested in the real trouble with the world, you could have found the information. All you had to do was look. And you’re worried about religion. Geez!
  • When we were children, we would make up games, and all try and be the one to make the rules for the game, so it would play the way we wanted it to (fights could happen to make sure your rules were the ones to use). When I watch my kids they still do the same thing - Religion? We just never really grew up...
  • Because religion is ruled by men that belive what they want to believe.
  • Why do we believe in many Gods or in nothing or in others ???? Thats why!! different different regulation. Can you have 6 kings???
  • It is not religion itself, it's the people who misinterpret religion, they cause all the trouble.
  • I think a lot of people have trouble with the notion that they are subject to a higher authority because it offends their sense of autonomy.
  • Because preachers lie to their people.
  • 12-26-2016 Religion is made up by men telling each other what to do. God wants nothing to do with it. Religion is in fact rebellion against God. God said don't eat the fruit of this tree, Eve said don't even touch it. God said thou shalt surely die, Eve said LEST ye die. God said FREELY ye may eat, Eve said (_) we may eat. Everything God says, people add a word, change a word, omit a word, and then they no longer have God's word. Then they encourage others to disobey too. And that is what we call religion. For a modern example, read 1 Corinthians 12, 13, and 14. Not one denomination follows those instructions.
  • false teachers who put their own meanings into passages. also the many people that fall for it.
  • Sadly people cant get along.
  • It doesnt. The trouble is when evil people start making wars in thr name of religion.they claim to be religious but by their actions show themselves not to be. Jesus did not condone violence against your fellow man. Period.
  • if you think religion has caused so much trouble, just wait until the anti-christ man/beast starts ... This man/beast has NO religion he promotes, in fact, he will 'exalt' himself above every so called god of all the people's of the earth... He will exalt himself above Islam, Buddhist, Christianity, etc etc etc... and he will give no honor to the gods of any person's parents. If your mom and dad were Christians, he will not honor their God. If your mom and dad were Muslims, he will not honor their god. If your mom and dad were Buddhists, he will not honor their god... etc etc etc... BUT 'he' will claim to be God and higher than any god there is in the world. 2 Thessalonians 2:4 "Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God." And the people who are going to believe him will be: "That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness." 2 Thessalonians 2:12 KEY WORDS: Pleasure in Unrighteousness..... P.L.E.A.S.U.R.E. What forms of things are you PLEASURED by?
  • Christianity and other monotheistic programs are used as tools to keep people from real spiritual knowledge, and the power in the hands of those at the top. Satan is not "evil" as depicted in the Bible, and He and the other Gods (as in the Greek Gods etc) love humanity. The Bible defames them and calls them "demons", and people are told to stay away from them at all costs. Learn the TRUTH:
  • Only false religion causes trouble. The true religion promotes peace. So that even if one small segment of your religion is involved in revenge , it cannot be acceptable...
  • Because, if you have a belief, you want to share it. That creates a problem if you find someone who also has a belief and wants to share it. Then you start to debate. It's natural. If something means something to you, you will defend it. Sadly, as in any strong belief (politics, religion, Beatles vs Rolling Stones) inevitably someone will get nasty. That is human nature (as taught in the Bible). But the Bible teaches non-violence (Jesus said: he who lives by the sword dies by the sword). Not all religions do. And even people who claim to be Christians disobey the teachings of Christ (He will take that up with them, don't you worry).
  • Because we are selfish so do not want to be responsible to others.
  • It is not religion per se, it is intolerant bigots who cause all the trouble. If they all adopted a "live and let live" stance , there wouldn't be such trouble.

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