• Playboy Bunnies
  • I have found breeds are more nervous and skittish, than others. But it usually applies to the bucks, like Netherland Dwarf. Some of the does are sweet but most of the bucks can be a bit nervous and not very sweet unless neutered. Many of the lops are very sweet pets and quite loving. You can't find a more consistently loving breed than the Mini Rex. Most giant breeds are very good pets. Once you've been loved by a Flemish Giant, you'll never go back to another rabbit. They just crave your attention and love to sit with you and play. And they are all like that pretty much. French Lops are also very sweet. But most people would rather have the smaller rabbits and many of the Lops are very sweet and fun pets. What makes a loving rabbit is having a happy rabbit. Any breed mistreated or unhealthy, bad breeding, can be a bad pet.
  • the american lop-eared rabbit is really affectionate; i have one!! he is always fiving me kisses (licking)
  • Personalities depend on the individual and not the breed. However, in my experience our english spots and rex's have been a bit more docile and tolerant that other breeds. Handling the rabbit form a very young age also plays a role in personality development.

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