• Though he rather resembles a buzzard, it is kind of a running gag that it's not clear what species he is supposed to be. On the official Henson web site (at David Goelz talks about Gonzo, saying not even Gonzo himself knows. In many movies he's called a Whatever, starting in "The Great Muppet Caper", where that's the marking on Gonzo's airplane crate. Muppets From Space, in which Gonzo is an unnamed alien species, muddies the picture still further. Note that the answer has changed over time: the Gonzo Muppet's first appearance was as a Frackle in "The Great Santa Claus Switch" (though clearly this is not the Gonzo we know today). Another alternative identification is in "Muppet Babies," in which Gonzo is sometimes called a "weirdo." Also, in "The Muppet Movie," Kermit says Gonzo looks "sort of like a turkey... but not much." (Judging by the Muppet turkey in "The Muppet Family Christmas," he doesn't look much like a turkey at all.)
  • For a long time no one knew what he was s'posed to be. I think I heard somewhere that in the movie 'Muppets In Space' we finally find out that Gonzo is an alien! But im not sure about that so dont negatively rate me if im wrong!

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